my brother may have seen the light

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  • Ellie

    My younger brother may finally after 2 years have seen Jehovahs Witnesses for what they really are.

    The whole time he has been studying he has had no social life, they have been happy for him to go to meetings and out on field service but nobody has wanted to bother with him socially.

    He has been living in the house of my older sister who is a devout witness and a bit of a cow.

    Anyway, a few weeks ago she asked him to leave as she didn't think he was trying hard enough to 'make the truth his own', so he moved in with a couple of his collegues who share a house.

    Anyway, he has just been round to my house and told us that he has had a brilliant weekend with these 2 collegues, he even went to the pub yesterday and met a girl and has been on a date with her today.

    This may not seem like a big deal but it is, the difference in him was phenomenal, he seemed so much happier and its given me hope that he might finally be breaking free.

  • jaffacake

    Congratulations! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you (oops - can I say that?)

  • Finally-Free
    nobody has wanted to bother with him socially.

    Sounds familiar. I lived like that for 20 years. You plod along hoping things will get better. They don't. Your sister asking him to leave may be the best thing that could happen to him. Few things can impair a persons social skills as much as excessive association with JWs.


  • BrendaCloutier

    So much for the social prowess of the Society.....

  • misspeaches

    That is excellent news. The fact that he would go somewhere with non JW's and entertain the idea of actually seeing a non JW girl again shows that he is not entrenched in that religon.

  • dedpoet

    Great news Ellie, it sounds to me like in his case, the brainwashing hasn't taken full effect, and hopefully he can escape without sufferring the negative effect that the jw religion has had on so many of us. I hope he enjoys his new - found freedom so much that he is never tempted to go back.

  • ballistic

    Hi Ellie. I ask best wishes for your brother. My experience of meeitng women in pubs has been hit and miss, and I wouldn't jump to early conclusions, but he's probably on the right path. If he's ready, send him here, but only if he's ready.

  • findingmyway
    Few things can impair a persons social skills as much as excessive association with JWs.

    Very well put. I have been described as an introvert by my very close friends. I'm finally coming out of my shell, but I used to walk around with my head down so as to prevent eye contact and welcome greetings from people who I shouldn't associate with. Now, I only do that when I go to the KH and I haven't gone there in months.

  • Es

    Thats the best ellie hopefully this will be the beginning of his depature. es

  • steve2

    Looks promising. Just hope Big Sis doesn't come back for "Round Two". Two years under the thumb of an older sibling is a long time and I just hope he's got enough sense of self and asertiveness to avoid becoming swallowed up again.

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