Hurricane Katrina, Heeding Warnings: Lessons for Armageddon?

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  • Oroborus21

    Why do people not heed warnings when the evidence is clear that disaster is not only possible but highly probable? Are people so arrogant that they think that "it can't happen to them"?

    "Get out of her, my people, if you do not want to share in her sins, and if you do not want to receive part of her plagues."

    Pray for those in harm's way.


  • Erich


    I`m from Europe.

    We had terrifying catastrophes in many parts of Europe last weeks,
    heaviest showers, floods, stone-avalanches, more than 5 Bill. Dollar
    damage in five countries. Fire had burned 5% of the entire land of Portugal.

    The global climate is out of control. Recently, in heights of 2 000 meters (5500 feet) we
    measure more than 5 degrees (temperature-increase) compared to 1970.

    The same climatic catastrophe seems to happen in the USA. We are praying for you.

    God may bless New Orleans.


  • JT

    excellent point , many humans despite facts, evidence, proof and documentation continue to hold on to their viewpoint, even if evidence show other wise-

    I often think of jw-

    i recall telling 2 elders i knew personally for years the wt was connected to the UN and they all called me a Liar to my face and proceeded to quote practically every article the wt has written about the UN as proof that the wt would never sit at the same table with other religions sucking on the breast of the UN for help-

    then i told them to ck it out for yourselves, at this time the UN still had the wt listed as a ngo member on their web site. afterward both of these men who i had viewed as reasonable men made a 180 degree switch

    after telling me all the SCritprual reasons based on the of publications-- why the wt would never connect up with the UN- they did the flip flop and starting making Excuses as to why It was OK to be connected to the UN-

    it remained me of a Network meeting i had with the CIO once

    i made a suggestion,-- this other dude who was like the right hand man of the CIO--shot it down and almost called me a stupid fool in front of everyone, i was so embarassed.

    after it went around the table the CIO sat there and said, all you all presented good points, but i think that JACE offered the best practicle solutions

    and this guy, made a complete about face and stated in affect "Yea jace does have a good idea"

    and to the CIO credit, he didn't let it slide and commented to the affect of :

    "I thoght you said jace idea was no good"

    afterward everyone came up to me and was like -

    could you believe that guy, the minute he saw the positon of the CIO he did a flip flop

    the mere fact that any jw who is caught by his elders, or co reading this post or posting to it can be brought up on judical charges is so revealling about this religion

    in many of my college classes i have share with nonjw what would happpen to any jw caught on this site and others talking to former members

    i have never met a nonjw who could believe that grown men and women have to sneek around under the cover of darkness just to partipate in a biblical discussion board

    Ask any of your co-workers:

    Did you know that if a jw is found out to be dialogging with former members on the Net he puts himself at risk of a judical matter and losing gods favor?

    try it on monday and see how many nonjw even know that jw are under such Edict

  • jaffacake

    Over millions of years, there have been but few interludes between many ice-ages and many other conditions when out planet has been uninhabitable, or almost so. The okay time (for us) we've experienced in the past 10,000 years or so, is very unusual and unusually long lived, based on averages.

    We are overdue a major climatic change, but perhaps we are helping it along this time.

    Nobody really believes Armageddon to be an event such as taught by JWs & fundamentalists, do they?? If you do, I recommend a good reliable Bible commentary to see what Scriptures actually teach.

    As for warnings, as pointed out by Carl Olof seems that many people these days (millenialists) misunderstand Jesus' words. Read Matthew 24 and the parallel chapter of Luke again. We are being misled by the very things Christ told us NOT to be misled about!

  • Bryan

    Last week I saw a professor of metorology or something along those lines. He said the flood and storms we have now are no more than usual (world wide). In fact he said we are a little behind. It is because of our new age of video and information society that we see so much. It make it seem as there are more events.


    Have You Seen My Mother

  • jeeprube

    We're watching the coverage of the hurricane right now.

    May God be with everyone in New Orleans, and any other affected areas!

  • heathen

    Yah I'm out of the WT ............. LOL I've heeded the warnings I see on the web about a cult that doesn't know which way is up claiming they are the only true religion in the world . couple that with the fact I've known many myself that are complete hypocrites ...........

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