"Pre-order yours today" hmmmnnn

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  • Simon

    You know the drill ... the latest gizmo gadget is due out shortly and the geeks are forming a (dis)orderly queue to get their hands on it. The Sony PSP is due out soon (here in the UK) and the XBox 360 will be out a month or so later. Initial supplies are expected to be limited (yada, yada).

    Retailers and on-line stores advertise them well before they are out so that you can pre-order them ... but should you?

    Here is my thinking:

    If I am a retailer and I have 500 units available then I can use these to supply the people who have pre-ordered and then say "sold out" OR I can sell these to new people and have then got 1000 sales instead of 500 (and supply the pre-order people once demand has subdued and more stock has arrived).

    Do you think this happens? Am I being too cynical?

    Our XBox has a broken HDD and the kids are climbing the walls waiting for me to fix it (which I was planning to do by buying the new one ! ). I don't know whether to just pre-order and wait or try and get one from the shops when they are out. I'm sure a lot of "shortages" are contrived to boost demand.

  • BrendaCloutier

    Pre-order happens in many markets, not just Electronics Gizmos.

    We had a huge sting here in lil ol'e Portland Oregon. It was 2 years in the investigation and the cops simultaneously raided a dozen sell-for-cheep stores in the area - all taking in and reselling stolen merchandise, new, in their boxes, for cents on the dollar. It is a 4 or 5 state racket with professionals going into grocery and other markets and steeling specific high-priced items like Rogaine, Crest White Strips, etc, and selling them for drug money.

    Many of the items were sold in online eBay stores!

    Watch what you order on the cheap!

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