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  • sammielee24

    Now that you aren't in the society, do you feel like there is karmic influence at work in your life? Or do you at the very least recognize it? I think a great many of us sitting in the KH chairs were without a doubt pharisiacal hyprocites, judging and condemning while not comprehending the unrighteousness of our actions toward others at the time. Hard to admit but being a servant of the Watchtower means prejudice and apathy at so many levels and acting on those things in order to elevate ourselves to a higher status we were guilty of such poor behaviour. On the outside we have the ability to accept others and live embracing hope and joy instead of fear and guilt. Do you now believe that instead of karma being a thought of satan, that it truly does exist in the promoting, sharing and receiving of good thoughts and deeds toward others and that in turn, not only will you have God in your life but that your positive energy will be returned to you tenfold?

  • Ellie

    I do believe in karma, not necessarily on a spiritual level, but how you treat others is generally how you will be treated.

    A lot of witnesses look down on us common lot, and in turn, the world looks down on them.

  • daystar

    I rather agree with Ellie. Karma is another pseudo-religious concept to try to make people believe there is some sort of universal power or laws judging your actions from a moralistic standpoint.

    Culturally speaking however, there exists something like it. Sort of like cause and effect, but it's not "do this, this happens". Sometimes bad things happen to good people. A popular attempt at explaining why this happens is that one must have done something bad in a previous life. Hogwash. It simply is the way it is. Sometimes the bad guys win. Does this mean they must have been a really good person in a past life and are just now reaing the rewards? Very silly.

    But generally, if you treat people nicely, they will treat you nicely back. But not always.

  • talesin

    Kharma,,, I like the idea, it explains this life. I musta really needed to learn a lot of lessons.


  • CoonDawg

    I guess I don't think of Karma in a universal power sense, but rather as a cause / effect (even if it's delayed) sort of thing. As my little sis, Banshee (some of you remember her) likes to say " You can't put S**T on the wheel of life and not expect some to splatter back on you."

    I think that eventually people's actions come back to haunt them, whether they recognize it or not. If nothing else, in their treatment of others...if you do people wrong enough times, eventually you will do it to the wrong person and you will find that they are more vengeful than your previous victims.



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