Theological Arrogance

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    Old English here... Mumpsimus- A Middle English noun denoting an incorrigible, dogmatic old pedant- jokingly called a foolosopher.

    Which grew to mean any incorrect opinon stubbornly clung to~ thus Mumpsimus was born. Mumpssimus was taken from the word sumpsimus a word incorrectly copied and read for years in mass by a lack-latin, an illiterate 15 th Century English Preacher. Upon being shown his error, this obstinate clergyman reportedly replied, " I will not change my old mumpsimus for your new sumpsimus." This attitude was often ridiculed by French writer Michel Montaigne, who elegantly wrote of a common human blind spot, " I never met a man who thought his thinking was faulty." There are many songs that mocked theological arrogance.

    The 18th Century lampoon: "The Deist" became very popular because it ridiculed theological arrogance.

    The Deist:

    Religion's a political law,

    Devised by the prigs of the schools,

    To keep the rabble in awe,

    And amuse poor bigoted fools.

    And they for good victuals and bub [drink]

    Will bellow their nonsense aloud

    And cant out a tale of a tub

    To frighten the poor ignorant crowd.

    Yet he vouches it to be true;

    And that Eve was made of a rib,

    Pray, gentlemen, what think you?

    I pity the flogging old shaver,

    Who pretends he does miracles show,

    And makes flesh and blood of a wafer

    A baker had just made the dough.

    A lawyer with the narrow mindedness of a mumpsimus was sometimes called a jurisprude. Go figure.. even today the beat goes on.


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