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    Hey everybody
    I would like to say that this site has been a great source of support, resources, and common ground that I think is absolutely essential for positive healing/transformation when transitioning from JW mindset to a more inclusive and integrative mindset.
    I’ve been lurking around for a couple of years now, journeying back whenever the JW's gained strong presence in my life/mind. In many senses, this place of refuge is a sort of cyber communion agency with divine ramifications. I love how we have all journeyed on so many different paths, discovering parts of ourselves we once chose to deny and persevering through the shame, guilt, jealousy, and betrayal that is often involved in transitioning from JW mindset to something broader and more precise. This journey is where our honor, love, and truth resides, which no external authority, whether that be our dear loved ones or the WT Society, can take from us.
    Truly, I honor and celebrate the presence of everyone who is drawn here and all those souls who seek the deepest, truest, and most profound expression of their passion, whatever it may be. It seems that in the larger scheme of things this quest to journey beyond the confines of a pre-determined, pre-sent structured (set way) of thinking is what gets some of us stuck when trying to make decisions about our relationship to the organization in question.
    I believe there is a place within ourselves we all can reach where we can embrace the many lessons and truths of the Jehovah’s Witnesses, yet understand that some of their lessons and truths are relative to many factors, perhaps to greatest of which is our personal intuition of whether their practices and vision are right for us, at any given moment. In other words, I am confident that the anger and sadness many of us have felt and continue to feel in our time of transition is but a divine indicator, a voiceless voice, giving us the reason, the purpose, and the courage to change any thought patterns and difficult feelings that may be holding back Who We Really Are.
    Most truly I say to you, the Truth (of the JW’s, your loved ones, your personal existence) will set you free, but first it may piss you off. And in all these things you have Love.

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    raw welcome to the forum and good post.

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    Welcome to the board enjoy its the best. Some of the people here are absolutely awesome. Look forward to hearing more from you es

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