Maybe its time to say goodbye to Christmas

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  • Qcmbr

    As an aside to the Xmas thread maybe we have come to the point where Chistmas should be xmas and used purely as a Santa , snow and stuffed turkey holiday and Christians should move their Christmas celebration elsewhere.

    As an xtian I find it really hard to concentrate on anything remotely spiritual at Christmas (except the giving bit and family time which is luvely) and I would be happy to spend an xmas without guilt just lapping up the decadence in a turkey and ginger beer induced haze and to have a different time to pay my devotions to God.

    Christians nicked Christmas from the pagans - its probably time we gave it back.

  • jaffacake

    Welcome back Q - where did 'ya go again?

    Hey I work with a faded Mormon, just a young lass with a young family, who is still convinced they have the truth. Reminds me of myself as a faded SDA.

    You may have a point about Christmas!

  • Carmel

    Did they "nick" it or just try to compete with winter solstice celebrations?


  • shera

    I just celebrate it and have fun,don't care where it came from.

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