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  • tijkmo

    just back from the v festival..it was hot hot hot...got sunburnt but at least you could sit on the grass and there were no floods...lost my car sunday night...took me 3 hours to find it...but no cars were moving anyway..got back to scotland (6 hour journey) at 6 in morning and up at 7:30 for school

    so who rocked....well not oasis..they were ok but they are just going through the motions these days

    artists i enjoyed...athlete, embrace, the music, jet, maroon 5,

    artists i wasnt bothered about seeing but were ok tho i still wouldnt buy there stuff....scissor sisters, kaiser cheifs

    artists i wasnt bothered about seeing but were really quite acceptable...the polyphonic spree

    artists i'm sorry i missed.....jem, 13 senses, rooster, stephen fretwell, idlewild

    artists i'm sorry i saw....joss stone

    artists that rocked...doves, lucie silvas



    .....oasis..dont look back in anger

  • PaulJ

    the doves?? rocked?? i never thought id see these words in the same sentence......

  • tijkmo

    it wasnt irony either paul..definately the highlight of the weekend

  • PaulJ

    they must be better 'live' than 'recorded' then...... i cant help falling asleep when they come on the radio.

  • fleaman uk
    fleaman uk

    I love the doves..but what a scruffy bunch of oiks!Lol

    Gutted i missed the weekend though.(the £150 i got for touting my tkts eased the pain tho lol)Thought Oasis were good on e4.

    Polyphonic spree would have been a highlight for me..as would the Kaiser chiefs.

    Glad you had fun Ian.

  • misanthropic

    Very cool Tij.... I would have liked to see Maroon5.

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