hippa laws & children

by carla 2 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • carla

    Anybody up on the new hippa laws in the US? Can a 12 year old be responsible for issues such as blood and privacy? I know that when my daughter who was over the age of 12 had an appointment and the doctors office and the insurance company called they had to clear it with her first if they could talk to me, her mother. Do you need any special documents if a child would accept blood but has a jw parent who may or may not try to oppose life saving blood transfusions? thanks, carla

  • Gerard

    In 1944, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled adults cannot use religious beliefs to deny their children health care.

  • carla

    Yes, I saw that, but, look at all the legal hoops some people have had to jump through. I was under the impression with the new laws children 12 and up have some legal say so in their care. My child had to sign a document just so I could discuss insurance issues. Would there be a document that would be binding for a child as young as 12? I don't think the courts would accept that. I do realize that courts almost always side on the case of the child in need. However, often with the time it takes to go through the legal system, often damage is done that would not have had to occur if steps could be taken earlier.

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