Wouldn't it be ironic if religion and science were the same?

by tsunami_rid3r 9 Replies latest jw friends

  • tsunami_rid3r

    Everything happened one way but different intellects interpret the world differently. Example: There was a Great Deluge and an Ice Age.

  • DannyBloem

    Religion and science are not the same by definition.

    they can have things in common, the can come to the same conclusions sometimes, that is all.

  • Terry

    The irony is that you could ask the question with a straight face.

    Science investigates, experiments and changes with the facts as they are discovered. The underlying principle of science is testing your premise by TRYING to prove it false.

    Religion is based on Authority and resists change to the point of defending indefensible premises that are contrary to facts. The purpose of religion is to make man inferior and use that to his own detriment by giving him mindless tasks to perform for the benefit of the religion's power structure. (The few in charge.)

    Your question violently avoids confrontation of the very nature of intellectual honesty.

    Please rethink this issue.

    By failing to identify the cause of human suffering we perpetuate it. Religion causes suffering by disabling man's intellect of which his rational mind is the first and last line of defense.


  • tsunami_rid3r

    i fail.

  • Elsewhere

    Ironically I believe religion is man's first failed attempt at science.

    Think about it... they both attempt to explain the universe. The problem with religion is that it is not based on observation... instead it tries to manipulate the universe to fit the ideas of men.

  • kid-A

    "Ironically I believe religion is man's first failed attempt at science"

    Elsewhere, I am going to steal that quote...its perfect!

  • Gerard

    Religion may have been invented first, but currently, it is used when science can't describe.

  • proplog2

    Religion and science are both efforts at orientation.

    Science is an ever growing & changing body of knowledge that you can never completely grasp. It is beyond any one human to comprehend.

    Religion is the condensed version. It is an effort to connect with the traditional understanding of the past so that you can get on with your life and function in society.

    Ancient humans saw Gods everywhere. Ancestors, The Sun, The Ocean, the Stars. These were real forces that humans needed to understand.

    Eventually the collective consciousness that depends on religion for its orientation evolves. Who would think that the rigid Catholic Church could even begin to come to terms with Evolution -- Yet they now officially accept it.

    JW's and Fundies have some catching up to do.

  • joelbear

    there is no method for proving religious hypotheses, that is the basis of science.

  • proplog2


    Religion can make falsifiable statements just like science - unfortunately they are usually false.

    Supposedly that is the function of prophecy. God reveals something of significance that is supposed to occur - and then it either happens or it doesn't happen.

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