Gay Punks/Rockers

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    OK folks...just thought I'd try to send this one out...and see where it lays.

    Gay folks/members of this forum: do you rock/punk it?

    I have been a rocker' extreme, yes..had a mohawk, promoted punk shows here in Toronto back in the 90s; promoted other rock bands as well in conjunction with punk bands from 2000-2002.

    Any queer/gay/bi/whatever your pc label is, that rocked?

    I have done some stuff for Jello Biafra/D.O.A.'s (Joey Shit head).

    Just wondered how many of you queer/gay members, were/are not afraid to rock it.....?


    Prove me wrong damnit!!

  • gaybeat

    Although my style is very Modest
    Except when i do hip hop.

    I love Punk dress style and I Love Mohawks and spikey hair, and the outfits, I just don't like when they use eye shadow and face paint, but the more manly the better! Lol and if you know what CazzoFilms is, I watched those videos.

  • Preston

    Tattoos, mohawks, punk music.... yessum

    Interestingly, I feel more comfortable in a punk club than a gay one. While most gay guys I know are listening to the latest techno, remix, whatsits...precisely one of the reasons I cant stand gay clubs, I actually find The Clash, Joy Division, and The Ramones more tolerable.

    - Preston

  • Anitar

    No I don't like rock or punk. Although, I wouldn't mind a guy who does...

    I'm not a club person. I like going to the movies or relaxing at home. Does that make me sound boring? I hope not.

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