He wouldn't read anything she showed him.

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    Remember how my daughter's boyfriend's step-dad was now going back to meetings? And he was a dub years ago but never told anyone?

    Well, after printing out 31 pages of WTS quotes on the UN being the wild beast etc...............then showing how the scandal was addressed and reponses by the WTS.................he refused to read anything! His partner has now started to see how closed-minded dubs are and how afraid of their own shadows most are. Fancy saying you're going back to the truth yet you can't handle reading your organization's own quotes that contradict and uncover it's corruption. Guess it was to be expected hey!

    Cheers, Bliss

  • hubert
    His partner has now started to see how closed-minded dubs are and how afraid of their own shadows most are.

    This is one thing I just don't get. They won't even look at their own material, yet when they are trying to lure you into going to their meetings, (as in the case of my daughter), they will tell you to "Have an open mind".


  • kwintestal


    I know what you mean and you are 100% right. I tried to show my dad the UN document and the WTS own letter regarding it, and he wouldn't even touch the paper it was written on. It's true, it was like the paper would send the demons into him or something.

    The WTS rules with fear, and the greatest fear of all for a JW, is that their live has been spent chasing a worthless ideal. It's like telling a child Santa isn't real, the child just won't believe it, because he doesn't want to.


  • thom

    They're told that reading so called "apostate" material can turn you away from "the truth". That some that have allowed themselves to read it have left the org. But they never ask themselves WHY these people decided to leave after reading it. Many can't comprehend the idea that they may be wrong (which is just how the GB likes it).
    As a child I just assumed that what my parents told me was always right. I didn't doubt it, just assumed. But as I got older I realized that to be an adult I had to weigh each new thing I learned and decide for myself. Most JW's never get past that childhood thinking listening to the GB, the ones that do, leave.

  • Quentin
  • Quentin

    My father went back after twenty years, never knew why. He too had the same mind set. Didn't know about the UN, did know about Malawi/Mexico, but his mind was shut. All he wanted to talk about was my returning , when he realized that wasn't going to happen we parted ways. To this day my daughter doesn't understand why he let "that cult" take him away from his family.

  • Ticker

    I feel its largely due to them being afraid to deal with their JW past and eventually the guilt and fear draws them back to the so called "life saving ark". Ive seen this happen to many people, but its like I say, you can't be helped unless you seek and want help. I do know though as a believing JW it is a very scary thing to read contrary information critical of the WTBTS. When they have impounded in your mind that doing so will send you to the second death as an apostate it takes alot of courage to look at and comprehend. I guess some have the courage to do it and some dont and so they remain trapped within a high control group.


  • dedpoet

    I agree with Ticker on this, i've tried to show jws the information on the UN connection, and they just won't read it, the wt says it's wrong to do so and that's good enough for them. I remember when I read Crisis of Concsience, I felt guilty at the time, but when I had read it I knew I wasn't going back to the org anyway. I am certain that some of my former friends would be shocked by some of the information available on the wt these days, but most of them just won't open their eyes, and the ones who do don't stay in the org once they have


    The interesting thing is that he won't read WTS and publication quotes. The 31 pages are ALL quotes from the society. She isn't offering him anything other than what the WTS has published re: the UN in not to old watchtowers.

    He must be too afraid to have to admit the WTS is corrupt and lying.

    Cheers, Bliss

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