Did you feel like a "kid" when you were a JW? (Give examples)

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  • JH

    A few months, I had a bible study with an elder, and although I'm 45, and the elder was in his early 70's, the way the bible study went, I felt like a child being taught by his father or a teacher at school.

    Honestly, I felt like a 10 year old kid, being told when to read, what to read, and what to answer. Also, having to prepare and underline everything just to look like a good and obedient student.

    I guess that all depending on what privileges a person had in the congregation, one either felt like a kid or a teacher.

    Even during Assemblies, being told what hotel to sleep at , and what restaurant not to go to during the intermission, are all examples how as JW's, we were expected to act like obedient kids, without a word to say.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    I have a slightly different perspective.

    A few years after I had been DFed I saw a sister in the mall. I knew her husband had died and wanted to offer my condolences. As we stood on opposite sides of a rack of goods. I looked at her and told her that I was sorry to hear about her husband. She looked at me for one moment and put her head down like a small child who is about to do something wrong. She whispered. "Thanks". I watched as this woman who was a grandmother turn into a child. It was the most heart wrenching thing I have seen in a JW. She was terrified to be caught saying one word to me. This sister had been an elders wife for many many years. I looked up to her as someone I loved dearly. She was my role model. I left the store immediately not wishing to cause any more grief for her. But I will never forget that child-like stance.

    As for all the instructions. Yes I used to feel talked down to all the time. They talked about meat in due season. I always felt we were just getting the pablum. And I rationalized that by saying they need to keep serving the pablum so the news ones could learn and understand. Meanwhile I was starving

  • kid-A

    Yes, all the time. That is the secret of their power....most of the loyal dubs I know are extremely immature emotionally which makes them ideal dubs...The whole concept of Jehovah

    as a really nasty father who will beat the crap out of you for disobedience is filtered down the entire power structure, from the GB, to the CO, to the PO, to the elders....

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