$250k to prove that Jesus is not the Son of the Flying Spaghetti Monster

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  • lucky
    Here's in interesting recent entry on boingboing.net:
    Boing Boing's $250,000 Intelligent Design challenge

    Yesterday, I posted an item to Boing Boing about the growing popularity of Pastafarianism, a new religion that worships Flying Spaghetti Monster, initially created to protest the Kansas State School Board's decision to teach "Intelligent Design" in schools. A suprising number of I.D. supporters wrote in with comments like this from reader Anne Kenny:

    Okay Xeni

    I read your Blog about Intellegent Design and the spaghetti monster. Ridiculous. I'd like to know what you think should be taught in the schools.

    Certainally not evolution considering there is not one single fact that proves it. No missing links, not even common sense. Lies are still being printed that were proven wrong in the late 1800's but they're still taught as fact.

    If you're so positive that you came from a monkey or a rock or whatever you think it is I suggest you debate Dr. Kent Hovind.

    Dr. Hovind is willing to pay any individual a quarter of a million dollars to anyone who can give any empirical evidence for evolution. He has had this offer up for a long time but even this country's top scientists have gone up against him and lost the debates.

    I suggest you offer this to your avid readers... I'm sure one of them would like some extra cash. You can call 850-479-3466 (8-5 Mon-Fri CST) for more info about the $250,000. Please blog this I'm interested in what you think about evolution and all of its lies.

    Well, I've discussed the matter with my blog colleagues, and we would like to hereby issue a challenge to Dr. Hovind and his supporters.

    We are willing to pay any individual *$250,000 if they can produce empirical evidence which proves that Jesus is not the son of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

    You may submit entries here, and please, no meatball attachments.

    Suggested reading in Scientific American, "15 Answers to Creationist Nonsense: Opponents of evolution want to make a place for creationism by tearing down real science, but their arguments don't hold up." Link to SciAm article (paid sub required); Link to a subscription-free PDF copy. (Thanks, Dan Strunk)

    Previously on Boing Boing:

    Pastafarianism: Flying Spaghetti Monster cult grows

    Dear Kansas: Why stop at "Intelligent Design?" What about Spaghetti Monsters?

    * Prize to be awarded with Intelligently Designed currency; void where prohibited by logic.

  • Elsewhere

    I'm certain there is an equally lucrative award for anyone who can prove that Muhammad is not the prophet of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

  • ezekiel3

    I afraid you can't prove a negative, Pastafarian or not.

    But the scientific community could post a reward to produce empirical evidence of a Christain God. That would be interesting.

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