miningco anyone?

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  • googlemagoogle

    some 5 years and longer ago there was a page dedicated to JWs on miningco/ a brother was the admin but later it seemed the org made him close down the site.

    there was a chatroom on that site, i was pretty active there for a while. had a great time there, met a lot of nice people there too.

    i wonder if there's anyone on this board who was in the chat back then.

  • InquiryMan

    He was called Obed Fernandez. I was there, it was an eyeopener.

  • googlemagoogle

    ah yes, i remember reading this letter before: adios obed

    forgot it was him who was the guide on

  • sf
    sf chatroom was very popular in its heyday. I remember it well. I was using the name 'PB' then and exhaustively posted links and text of "apostate related materials". It finally shut down and people scattered about. The guys name who ultimately ended up owning and shutting it down has escaped me at the moment. But it wasn't Obed. It was Dave something.

    Remember 'LadyJudy' (who we ended up dubbing 'JudgeJudy') who told me my daughter and I would die at Armageddon? Well you can find her hanging around yahoo christian chat at times (since recently, all yahoo user rooms closed down.

    Obed was also very active on the old forum where Crit (Focus) posted, along with silverfox, big ray, obadiah and a few others.

    There are a few on this forum who did chat on the old jw room, yet it is not up to me to divulge names. I'm sure they will if they wish.

    But man, those WERE the days! Me and 'LittleD' worked hard there in trying to get the WT Hypocrisy and Lies exposed.

    When the search engine here gets fixed, you can search "" and read more.

    Incidently googlemoogle, weren't you on the forum where there were posters like jimbob and the Glicks? I know there was a internet name similar to yours. In fact, the Glicks owned that forumed if I'm correct in my thinking.


  • googlemagoogle

    no, i never used this screenname anywhere else. back then i still was an active believing witness. i don't remember too many "apostates" on the chat, there were some "suspects" though, like "jubilee". everytime she entered the chat, everyone screamed "APOSTATE!!!".. lol

    there were a few cool JW guys and gals on there too who didn't take it all too serious and were sometimes labeled apostate too.

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