Anyone from Mass know my wifes family?

by gringojj 2 Replies latest jw friends

  • gringojj

    My wifes family has been active with the dubs for a long time. I am just wondering if anyone on here might know her or her family. I think it would benefit her to talk to someone she knows to ease her mind about the WTS. Her last name is Jackson, her father is Jesse, he is black, and her mom is Vicky, she is white. She has 3 other sisters that would have been at meetings with her. She would have been in halls in Worcester, Southbridge, and Palmer throughout the years. Any help would be appreciated.

  • gringojj

    I guess not.

  • talesin

    Hi. hmm, if she knew some of my family, would she feel more comfortable? I have rellies in the vicinity, and she may know them. It's a thought .. PM me if you like. My family has been in for gen's, too.


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