I recommend meditation!

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  • metatron

    One of the surprizing - and humbling - aspects of life that keeps things interesting is the fact that simple stuff can be overlooked

    in the rat race of life. Such has been my experience with meditation.

    I attended a class run by a guy who got trained in Tibet. He taught us to view our thoughts as a kind of parade passing by.

    You observe your thoughts but cultivate a non-attachment to them. While this may be an Eastern spiritual custom , it lowers

    your blood pressure all the same and reduces stress.

    I've done some cognitive therapy in the past , so I can see that stress and depression are often the product of what you think about,

    automatically. So, if meditation can become a habit, it may reduce the compulsion of negative, neurotic thoughts - so much the better!

    I also spent some time with a physicist who advised us to "love meditation" - since he lives in California and encounters

    lots of traffic jams and other stressful situations, this can be a very effective coping situation, conducive to peace of mind.

    In addition to the above, I've found that completely clearing my mind of all thought for periods of time tends to be associated

    with manifestations of synchronicity - which to me is the skeptics closest approach to psychic ability. Weird stuff ensues!

    metatron ( ommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...........)

  • Satanus

    That is the kind of meditation that i started off w. It's great. First comes the detatchment. You realise your thoughts are not really you. Ambiguity over many things follows. If you get to a point where all thoughts clear, yah, wierd stuff can happen.

    Following the learning of this, other types of meditation can be learned. For instance, focussing on one subject exclusively. They call that guided meditation - you guide it.


  • Cordelia

    i just got a book out of the libary about having a physic side and that talks about mediation

    think i will try it i have also just bid on a oojee board on ebay as i am really interested in that kind of stuff, coz i feel it will help me have the strength to never go back to the religon!

    maybe im mad but its wierd after a lifetime of preaching as a jw i actually dont believe theres ANYTHING out there and if there is id like to meet it!!

    am i being a fool??

  • Satanus


    In meditation, you mostly meet yourself. If you can meet other things also, is up for arguement. Meditation is work. Ouija boards, dunno, haven't tried em.


  • Cordelia

    thanks satanus

    i am so unbeliving that i want ti see something anyone else feel like that

    tho if i saw someting i used to think it meant the bible must be true

    am i mixed up or wht?

  • ballistic

    No, Cordelia, I felt like that for a few years. It's almost like trying desperately to find ultimate proof to either make yourself "believe" again or not, after all those years of indoctrination. In fact I even tried a make shift ouija board - it didn't work.

    But what even if it did work, what does it really prove, maybe the power of the mind, who really knows?

  • Satanus


    I don't know if you will see something. But, if you do, remember that most of it, at least untill you get it cleared (oops, not a scientologist, me, honestly), is stuff from your own subconscious. The subconscious is like a locked closet where you have been storing stuff since you were born, or maybe since before that. It is also like a supercomputer that notices and records most things, even things that you don't notice consciously. Beyond that, getting into what has been called parapsychology, is a long way down the road. It's getting to know oneself that is the key, in any case; the first step.


  • jschwehm

    Hi Gang:

    I enjoy spending time in silence in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament in Catholic Chapels and Churches. This is known as Eucharistic Adoration.

    I usually pray to the Lord and thank Him for His goodness and generosity.

    And then I just sit there and practice being their with Him. At times, I experience an inner silence and peace that is hard to describe.

    In any case, I have noticed that by slowing down and spending time in quiet with Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, that my stress level often goes down and I am better able to face the problems of life.

    I hope that made sense.

    Jeff Schwehm


  • Cordelia

    satanus do you mean that if i meditated and thought something it is just from me anyway? and hthat to come into contact with anything else id have to get better at it! (or can some people not do it at all?)

    i tried an exercise from that book about clearing your mind and they said after a while you have to vision a big white circle that gets bigger till it is as big as a door then you can step through it and then you will see some stuff (prob from your own subconcious) but nothing happened with me i couldnt even see the door without thinking things like i must buy some paint for my door! i cant seem to stop talking even when im not opening my mouth!!

  • katiekitten
    i cant seem to stop talking even when im not opening my mouth!!

    Me too! I just cant switch my internal voice off. Ever. Only time I mong out a bit is if I smoke cannabis, and as I hate smoking thats pretty rare these days.

    Ive got a wicked stainless steel bong, but it seems like a bit of a performance and what if my daughter gets up, or my mum lets herself in with her key?! Sigh. Or the elders come round BWHAHAHAHA

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