Optus and The Watchtower - What The ....?

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  • Stephanus

    One of our local phone companies, Optus, ran an ad that I saw for the first time last night, and I was seriously wondering if the creator of that ad had been reading a lot of WBTS literature lately. It starts off with a cute looking deer singing a song about "the Simple Life", is then joined by a lion, then giraffes, bears, tigers, zebras and so forth, until at the end, they're all standing together, all pally-wally, in front of a lake with a snow capped mountain in the background. It looked almost exactly like a certain magazine publishing corporation's image of the Pair-a-dice Erf!

  • BrendaCloutier

    wierd.... but stranger things have happened.... like the WTBTS joining the UN as an NGO....

  • PopeOfEruke

    And if we apply the Bible priciple of 1.Havakuk 3:14 which states

    "A day for a year and a W or a U! So Jehovah has spoken........ "

    Now if we replace the U for a W in the work OPTUS we get OPTWS. Then if you carefully rearrange the letters to WTSOP which stands for

    Watch Tower Society Of Pennsylvania!!!

    So OPTUS is really owned by the Watchtower! Unbelieveable!


  • inquirer

    I saw that ad. I didn't think the same as you did.

    Elton John also brought out a song called "The Simple Life" and had a couple of songs based on the Lion King which had all these animals in it. They don't sing, but we know in these kinda films, they act more like humans than animals!

    If there were humans in the ad, I would be suspicious then!

  • Es

    Not that i have seen the ad yet but i know Optus uses animals in all there ads. es

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