Saw some real "Christian" love this weekend by "worldly" people......

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  • WingCommander

    Greetings All:

    I thought some of you (maybe newer ones to this board) might be amused by the situation I found myself in this weekend. We all have heard about how you can recognize true Christians by their actions and love, even more so than works, and this is why JW's are truly God's choosen ones, and everyone else is evil and wicked. Sure they are! Bullshit! Here is what happened to me, tell me if anyone in the Dub's would EVER think to do something like this for the weak and ill in their congregations?

    It was yesterday, and my wife and I were at her neice's 11th B-day party. (better get up a JC quick, I'm such a sinner) Anyway, the neice's other grandparents were there, and were talking to my wife's parents. (all none-JW, I am the only JW related) Anyway, they were talking about how they had just finished delivering flowers to all those that were ill, not feeling well, or elderly in their Lutheran congregation. Apparently it is something done every week or month, and that this week it was they whom had volunteered to deliver these wonderful flowers and message of encouragement.

    Do tell me, have you ever heard of the JW's doing this, EVER? I sure as hell haven't, and I grew up in the JW's, and went to several congregations. So, is it hard to see where the real love is in this world? I don't consider showing up for 5 minutes dressed in a suit and placing literature to count time to someone in need as very loving or concerned. And Bethel is probably wondering why numbers are leveling out every year, and even getting lower in some places of the world? Probably because everyone is getting fed up with their holier-than-thou attitude and being treated like crap, all the while they contribute NOTHING to the congregations in the form of community centers, hospitals, retirements homes, or even something as simple as sending out flowers. Truly, with age I have come to see this religion for what it is, a trap for suckers, the weak minded, the poor, and the gulliable. While I may believe with some of their religious beliefs, I feel that Russell would be spinning in his grave if he saw what a hyprocritical, money grubbing, hate filled, un-loving religion his vision has become. Truly it is a sad state the WTBS is in today.

    Thanks for reading my post.....

    Wing Commander

  • Emma

    It's true; while there are individuals who show real concern, and possibly some isolated congregations, it's pretty much everyone for themselves.

    Emma, of the experienced way more love this side of the kh door class

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    WC - you are dead on target. This was one issue that kept bugging my brain for a decade before I finally found out the 'truth about the truth' two years back. I spend countless hours trying to convince the elders that they were missing the boat on this issue. I really thought it was a 'local issue'. I think millions of witnesses might think the same thing and dismiss this terrible lack of love as just local.

    In answer to your querry - No, I have never seen the congregation, or for that matter, even an individual witness show that kind of love and mercy for the ill and elderly ones in the congregation. Witness mentality only allows that love is by 'service' and placing literature with people. It absolves the community of it's sin of neglect and salves the collective conscience.


  • Mary
    Probably because everyone is getting fed up with their holier-than-thou attitude and being treated like crap, all the while they contribute NOTHING to the congregations in the form of community centers, hospitals, retirements homes, or even something as simple as sending out flowers.

    Yes this is absolutely one of my biggest beefs with the Organization. Not only do they contribute NOTHING in the way of charity on the whole, they strongly discourage the R&F individually from doing this as well. I was told off several years ago for making soup for the Homeless and delivering it to a Soup Kitchen........ya, what a rotten, horrible thing for me to do eh? That's gotta be equivelant to Adolf Hitler and I'm sure I'll burn in hell for all eternity.

    No matter what you do in this religion, it's never good enough. Attend only 3 meetings a week? Obviously you're lacking in faith. Attend only on Sundays? Sheesh, why bother showing up at all? You'll never make it through Armageddon with that kind of attitude. The only thing that matters in this religion is statistics and numbers----that's it. They have no interest at all in doing anything charitable, unless they think they'll get good coverage in the media for it.........they know that numbers are falling like the barometer on a stormy sea, but rather than change their pathetic attitudes, they just stubbornly hold on to their house built on sand and demand that everyone go down with them.

  • luna2

    I've been thinking about this for a while. There are some very caring individuals among JWs, but they seem to be the exceptions. To be honest, I wasn't especially "loving" either. If folks asked for my help, I'd help, but I'd rarely just jump right in without a prompt.

    The first congo I attended in IL tried to organize a program to help sisters who'd just had babies...each sister in the bookstudy of the family who'd just had a child would make a component of a dinner and we'd all cart our offerings over to their house. They tried to do this while the sis was in the hospital. Gads, what a pain in the ass. Most of us worked at least part time and had families of our own to feed. We had so many single moms in that congregation who were existing hand to mouth and here we were trying to feed other people's families. The program eventually fizzled.

    In regular churches, this sort of thing is paid for out of church funds, they have someone who organizes it, folks can participate or not when its convenient so it isn't a huge burden, and they appear to think through more carefully what sorts of programs they are going to sponser.

    JW love is haphazard and the burden is on individuals, because Jah forbid that anything charitable be officially sanctioned by the congregation. And if one of these individual efforts gets too complicated or if the elders think it's distracting dubs from the primary directive to sell books and make converts, that's the end of it.

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