What's in a name? The Seminoles

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  • Kenneson

    Recently the National Collegiate Athletic Association issued a ban of "hostile and abusive racial/ethnic/national origin mascots, nicknames or imagery" at all public displays at its 88 NCAA championships. This involves 18 schools including Florida State University's Seminoles and this, in spite of the Florida Tribal Council's approval (as well as the Seminoles in Oklahoma) of the name and related symbols.

    But what about other names (i.e. the Cowboys)? Weren't they the bad guys, the oppressors? How many Indians died at their hands? Yet, there are plenty of teams with the Cowboy name. Or how about the Cardinals? That can be offensive to ornithologists, Catholics and Atheists. Heaven forbid that we should bring religion into the picture.

    For the latest on the issue see " 'Noles may have a case for name. NCAA president says school has basis for appeal."


    So, it seems that the NCAA has opened a can of worms that it won't be easy to close. They probably won't worry about it too much though while they sit in INDIAN apolis making other decisions.

    What do you think? If the Seminole tribe is not offended by the school's use of the name, why should the NCAA be?

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