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    They hide my daughter away and arranged for a doctor to give Bethany Arsenic which killed her. The Watchtower lawyers and the doctor deceived Bethany in believing that the Arsenic would cure her. Bethany was convinced that the Arsenic would cure her.....she was planning on going on a trip to Disneyworld and going back to school in a month. I have two leading doctors in the desease Bethany had who are willing to testify that the Arsenic offered Bethany no chance of a cure and killed her. The doctor who gave Bethany the Arsenic even wrote in the medical records that the treatment was Palliative Care only and was not Curative.

    The experts both agree that Bethany might be alive today if they hadn't given her Arsenic.

    They deliberately deceived Bethany and her mother and deliberately killed my daughter.

    That is why I am organizing this protest rally at Brooklyn and why it is important that you and others help rally support for the Rally. I believe that this rally, if supported could bring the Watchtower to its knees. It would get International Media Coverage. Three of us protesting in Toronto last June got National Media coverage and it was the Top News Story in the Toronto area.....imagine what kind of media attention it would get if there were a thousand protestors at the WTS HQ in Brooklyn? I would appreciate any help you can give. PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD.

    The life you save maybe that of a family member , friend or neighbour. Please pass this message on to anyone who you think may be interested, Have them contact me at the following: Lawrence Hughes P.O. Box 20161 Calgary Place, RPO Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2P 4J2 [email protected] nyc_protest_rally


  • jaredg

    didn't you already post this before? by the way im sorry to hear about your daughter.

  • Odrade

    Lawrence, I am and have continued to be very sorry about your daughter, but I hope you will pick your battles wisely.
    Gleevec + Trisenox (arsenic trioxide,) is considered a legitimate therapy for relapsed acute leukemia. Since your ex, daughter and HLC refused conventional treatment, it seems the doctors considered this to be a viable option, even if it was a long shot.
    I find it very hard to believe it was the arsenic that killed her, and though Bethany was convinced it would cure her, Bethany was also convinced that her god would kill her if she accepted blood. It may be that Bethany was too sick to understand.
    I have watched this painful battle since early on, when information started being released to the public and circulated among the congregations, (I was still getting JW forwards by email,) and support you fully in your fight against the issues surrounding religious refusal of blood transfusions. I sincerely hope this new idea does not muddy the waters in your effort.
    My thoughts are with you Lawrence.

  • vitty

    I really think it is time for the WT to be accountable for its doctrines that involve children. This would be a fantastic opportunity to show massive support to you and for otherss who have been caught in the trap. I was shocked that only THREE ppl turned up in the Canada protest. We have so many topics on this board asking how we can expose the WT or how to bring it down. This is good way to start, ordinary ppl need to know the truth behind the org ! So for all of you who are DFs or DAs and have nothing more to lose, I hope you consider going to Brooklyn. Like many others who are fading I cant be "visible" but Id like to be able to surport you in other ways.

  • miss_ellie

    so sorry to hear of your loss...as i live in the U.K i wont be able to make it too brooklyn but my thoughts are with you

    ellie x

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