to kwintestal and heart2heart

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  • Scully

    Kwin and 2:

    Thank you both for your warm hospitality and having us over for dinner when we were visiting Halifax! It was great meeting you and your family and also meeting/getting reacquainted with everyone else who was there. Kwin you are the beer-soaked-clams-cooking-BBQing master!! Heart2heart is an amazing hostess - it was so neat discovering who we all knew in common from our JW days.

    Don't forget to stop in to our place when you're out this way in a couple of weeks time! We'll fire up the BBQ for you!

    Cheers, Scully & Mr Scully (and family)

  • Kaethra

    Popping in to say thank you to the host and hostess too! I had a great time and it was so nice meeting you all and seeing Scully and family again.

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