Those crazy annointed

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  • joelbear

    I knew several of the annointed over my life.

    Once when working door to door we were rejected and the annointed brother said loudly as we were leaving, "He will make good fertilizer for the ground after Armageddon."

    The annointed brother I worked with as a little kid used to take me to Dairy Queen on hot summer days to drink out of the water fountain at the back.

    One brother who claimed to be of the annointed worked at the equal opportunity agency.

    One guy about my age who I was friends with at Bethel discovered he was of the annointed a few years ago, many years after he was baptized. I think people will continue to make this discovery forever.

    One annointed guy used to rub my knuckles together whenever he shook my hand and also used to grip my knee joint very hard, both hurt a lot. Mitch does it to me now and called it "the grip of the annointed."

  • IP_SEC

    I only knew one underpriest my whole life that I really though was of the class. She was about a million years old when I was a kid, she played the piano at the hall for our songs.

    All of the others have been loony whacks with savior complexes. One had been removed as an elder for pedo... and the rest had other mental issues

    Heres to all those crazzzyy anointed.

  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie

    From personal experience, I'm sure now that the "condition" is caused by OD'ing on scriptures, according to whatever is one's religion du jour.


  • Dune

    I knew one when i was 12.

    He was an ok guy. He was so old, brothers told me that HE didnt know how old HE was.

  • alreadygone

    The one in our old hall was know for asking all the young single brothers, "Do you have a problem with masturbation?"

    It became a right of passage... "Did Maurice ask you THE question?"

  • R6Laser

    I knew two of them. I always wondered why they were so weird. One of them would only show up at the KH whenever he wanted and would go out in service by himself. The other would come by once a month to the mettings neither of them were attending much. I wonder how they figured they were of the 'annointed' class. If I were to see any of them now I would ask them that question.

  • DannyBloem

    I just met one last week sunday. (a well know elder)
    He always starts to talk about the bible inmedeately. He told me now that the economical crisis is a clear sign that the end is not fat anymore.

    I told him that I did not believe him because 1) there is no economic crisis. 2) people would love money, and bla bla, this means economic prosperity. 3) the GBP has been increased ever since the time of the ending.

    He just repeated what he already said again and walked away....


  • buffalosrfree

    I had met several over the last 21 yrs. and i have asked everyone the same question, if you are really of the annointed and the stuff about the F&DS is actually true how many times over the years has the Society contacted you on any point having to do with the bible.? The answer has always been never, I also know 2 brothers who were on the writing committee in Bethel one for over 20 years, he ain't annointed but has helped and has written articles, so i asked him why he has done that and he isn't annointed, he has no good answer other than to say that was his job. They the annointed (supposedly) and the others are so full of it they are human walking cesspools.

  • colorado5591

    yeah, I remember her too. Her pug dog would answer the phone at her house, that was funny!

  • hamsterbait

    I remember an old Sister (I say that through grating teeth),

    If you said "it's a beautiful day", she pulled ugly faces, if you said "aren't those flowers pretty?" she closed her eyes and turned away. All the things she told householders were lovely and blessings from Jehovah to be enjoyed and appreciated she despised (ungrateful cow).

    One day somebody was out on the work with her and got sick of her miserable negativity.

    "Don't you love Jehovah's creation?"

    "I'm not interested in flowers. I just want to die so I can be with God."

    Flowers trees and going to p*** s*** f*** and eat drink and sleep wasn't good enough for her, but it's good enough for all the other gofors.

    Thank you God!

    HB (of the second class citizen christian sub-calling)

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