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  • DannyHaszard

    Jehovah's mum tragic act Adelaide Confidential - Aug 10 6:15 AM A DYING mother refused a life-saving blood transfusion despite nurses holding up her newborn son in a desperate attempt to get her to change her mind. Jehovah's mum tragic act


    A DYING mother refused a life-saving blood transfusion despite nurses holding up her newborn son in a desperate attempt to get her to change her mind.

    As they cradled the infant in their arms, a woman doctor appealed to the mother, a Jehovah's Witness: "Take a look at your little baby. This child is more important than your faith."

    But 32-year-old Irmgard Christoph shook her head.

    Twice she said "No" as her husband at her side nodded in agreement.

    Mrs Christoph died of massive blood loss 13 hours after giving birth to a healthy son, leaving him and a three-year-old sister to be brought up by their mother's sister-in-law.

    "We all suffered the whole night. It was a drama none of us ever want to experience again," said Dr Bernd Probach, medical director at the hospital near Munich.

    Mrs Christoph had brought with her an affidavit signed by a solicitor declaring she did not want a blood transfusion in the event of an emergency.

    "Immediately after the birth she began to lose blood dramatically," Dr Probach said.

    "Before we operated we asked her if she would change her mind about a transfusion but she refused.

    "After we removed her womb and she recovered consciousness, we twice warned her she would die and the child wouldn't have a mother if she didn't accept a transfusion."

    Nurses held the baby in front of her while a woman doctor pointed at the healthy little boy and begged her to look at him and put his future before her religious beliefs.

    "Her mother was also at the bedside and we begged her to try to influence her daughter," Dr Probach said.

    "But she just told us, `If I interfere they will get upset and I won't be allowed to see the grandchildren'."

    Dr Probach said an official from the Jehovah's Witnesses was also at the hospital in Landau, west of Munich.

    "He refused to intervene and even accused us of trying to pressure the mother to reject her faith," he said.

    Horst Lambrecht, a local Jehovah's Witness leader, said: "Blood is holy and signifies the life of other people. If she had been forced to break our biblical laws, she would have upset her relationship with God."

    However, a relative of the woman said: "We are disgusted. These people are fanatics. This was murder."

    "Surely life – and the welfare of two small children – takes precedence over the selfishness of a religion like this?"

    The local public prosecutor said the doctors had acted properly.

    "As tragic as it may be, we are not empowered to take legal recourse if the woman, because of her religion, chooses to die," he said.

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  • katiekitten

    How unspeakably selfish.

    On radio 4 theres a programme about moral dilemmas and one was about a JW who had a disease that could have been alleviated by some treatment he refused. My mum told me, so my recollection of the details is hazy, but bascially he accepted one part of the treatment but not another part which would have been the pain and symptoms relief part.

    The care team explained to him that the one part without the other part would result in a horrible and painful death where he would bleed from every orifice. Anyway he insisted, they complied, and then watched him go through the most horrible death they had seen.

    My mum said he was UTTERLY unreasonable and had NO thought for the trauma he was inflicting on the care team (who were all interviewed on the programme, and were genuine caring accomodating people). She said he was given the option of rejecting the whole treatment and being put into a hospice where he could have died in dignity being cared for - as he was going to die anyway. BUT NO - he had to insist on the most horrendous and unreasonable option to make some kind of maytyr or hero out of himself, all at the expense of the care team who said it deeply traumatised them. The nurse said everytime she administered the treatment she could see him bleeding out of his eyes and ears and mouth and anus, until finally he haemorraged to death.

    Mum said she could imagine the congregation crowing about how BRAVE he was.

  • Ticker

    This is sick. This kind of crap has to be stopped. Somehow the government has to change the laws so that religous entities can't hold this kind of power over peoples lives through the enforcement of social sanctions. What a tragidy, and probably in the near future blood transfusions will be a-ok with the Watchtower just like organ transplants are now. Loss of life for nothing.


  • Es

    How horriable! That poor baby will now grow up never knowing his mother.....how selfish of her really. es

  • PaulJ

    Thats awful. How can the GB keep allowing this to happen? GGGRRR

  • DelTheFunkyHomosapien

    Hope they sleep well. Denying the child it's right to know it's mother. Thats not sacrifice for ones beliefs thats suicide.

  • Honesty
    How can the GB keep allowing this to happen?

    Because they control a religion that is all about death.

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