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  • sonnyboy

    I thought this was an international message board where someone was always awake?

    I have a serious case of insomnia and the posts don't seem to be moving very quickly.

    Maybe I'm drunk and have a case of the slow motions.

    My sentences seem to be getting shorter.

    Why is this happeningt?

    I have no clue.

    Good night.


  • under74




    This board is 24/7.

    Yes, it can move quickly. But of course, most of the posters/authors are in time zones that are in the majority of sleep mode of cyberspace.

    Posting from the northshore of Lake Ontario, Canada, North America. It's 5:13 a.m. EST. (August 11, 2005)

  • sonnyboy

    Ray, you and I are in the same time zone.

    It's now 5:18 and I guess I'd better force myself to get some shut-eye. I have a vet appointment in the morning (for my dog, not me), and I don't want to be too groggy.

  • under74

    take another swig of whatever and go to bed. 2:30am here



    Sonnyboy, you need some of our water...um...well..kinda filtered through some oak kegs across the river from Detroit.


    Yup...in one of our favourite cities down in the farthest reaches of southern Ontario, wedged between Lake Erie and Lake Huron (oh yeah, don't forget Lake St. Clair).

    Get yourself some Canadian Club. There's many variations: 6 year; 10 year; 12 year and better still...15 year. Oh..no..wait, there's a 20 year old CC (Canadian Club rye whiskey).

    Nevermind...this is sillyarsed on my behalf...and yes, I've been on these sites inibriated...more than a few dozen times.

    Sometimes it sooths our mental aches; or so it would seem. But buddy, let me tell you...as I sit here...as I listen to some old music from my early days (early 1970s) I am having some flashbacks, but I'm OK. Don't need to get myself cooked on booze to make a point.

    Well...you can try. But trust me, you'll slip up. But if you're having a few...that's OK. You're far better behaved than I ever was.

    I'm listening to the Carpenters right now, remembering driving with my father through the Cobequid Hills of Nova Scotia, heading to another drunken vacation with drunken relatives and a pedophile...waiting just for me.

    No fun.

    Now, how in the hell did I hit this topic, and how did I get caught up in this thread?

    Nevermind....it's OK...there's many folks here; many just reading...some just waking up... waiting for a coffee-tea to brew.

    Glad to be where I am right now. Toronto, for me: is and has always been a safe haven for me.


  • Big Tex
    Big Tex


    That took a lot of guts to say. My heart goes out to the boy in the car living that hellish life.

    You made it out. Those drunks tried to destroy you, but they failed. I'm glad you're here.


  • tijkmo

    well im watching the cricket..

    but you shouldnt...it is not the cure for insomnia that people say it is

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