Wild Kingdom...

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  • Quentin

    We rent a small rock house from my employer that sits behind the office...his wife uses up about fifty pounds of cat food each week feeding every cat within a mile radius...pours it up in two large pans that sit on the back poorch of the office...seems the cat's are not the only one's that partake of this outdoor feast.

    So, I am sitting in the yard just as it's getting dark...relaxing, thinking about nothing really...no outside light on, just the light coming thourgh the front windows, when I hear some noise and notice movement down the sidewalk...next thing I know there's a pack of skunk's (5 or 6) sniffing my shoes...I slowly stand up while they mill around my feet and retreat into the house...went back out after a few minutes and discovered I was right...they were over on the poorch helping themselves to some easy food...damest thing thats happened to me in a long time...I didn't get sprayed because they appeared to be young skunk's who were just curious about me being where I was...anyone else with Wild Kingdom stories?

  • kls

    I have one with skunks , i used to raise ducks for show ,and every once in a while i would look out the window and see skunks rolling duck eggs out of the barn, roll the eggs to a to hold the eggs and then feast. Ya i wanted ducklings but the skunks were so cute with those eggs i figured ,,,oh well.

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    I used to go walking the back country roads in the middle of the night with no flashlight. I could always tell when I was coming up on a skunk becuase they were the bravest things out there, and would boldly continue rustling the bushes as I approached them. Everything but the skunks would run from me, but I would hear the skunks making noise 50-100 feet before I got to where they were. They were really kind of interesting--I never got sprayed. Just respect them and maintain a healthy distance and they ignore you. They are a common carrier of rabies though. I'll have to do that again before long. It's like a different world at night, and the air has a nice smell.

  • RichieRich

    Hunters put out corn to attract deer. Often, squirrels eat most of the corn, but that's ok. I watch the squirrels because they scatter when a deer approaches. Watch the squirrels, and they'll watch the deer.

    On one particular day, I watched a fat corn fed squirrel waddle over to the corn pile. When a deer approached, instead of scampering, he stood up, and hissed at the deer. I laughed so hard everything ran away, and I didn't even see a bird for the rest of the day.

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    Yes, squirrels can be hilarious. I always enjoyed watching them when they would get in chattering wars, and sometimes they'd throw nuts.

  • luna2

    Hmmm...went for a walk when I lived in Ft. Benning, GA and came upon a rattlesnake sunning in the middle of the trail. Didn't hang around to watch it, though.

    Went to Anchorage on a trip with other military wives (from Ft. Wainwright) and saw a moose walking around in the housing area. Bunch of the idiot women tried getting close to it for pictures and it charged the silly geese. One gal backed up so fast she fell on her ass. Luckily the moose wasn't serious or she might have been in trouble.

  • Quentin

    Squirrels are cute little beggers, aren't they?

    I've had several wild life encounters over the years: saw a bobcat chasing a rabbit one morning, that was beautiful, had a fawn come close and follow us around for awhile...had a wild turkey follow us for a whole morning once, we fed it some crackers and can't tell you how many times I've jumped deer in the brush...always a heart stopper...but that pack of skunk's last night, and I was in town, in my yard, is the goofiest thing thats ever happened...

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