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  • Crumpet

    I was in my local off licence last night buying some ciggies and chatting to the really sweet lady who works there. Anyway we were talking about wearing tights - and I said I couldn;t bear wearing them as I spent most of my childhood in them door knocking.

    "So you're on of those Jehovah's Witnesses then?" she said - bless her - as she handed over the ciggies.

    I said I'd escaped when I was 16 but that none of my family have anything to do with me because their cult tells them not to. She then mentioned how there were some witnesses living at the bottom of the road and they had had their first christmas. She said that the parents had separated and the mum was celebrating Christmas but that the father was making the little boy still go to meetings and that the child has become totally withdrawn and hardly speaks now. Obviously the child is distressed I imagine at his parents separation, but the whole witless thing is obviously making things even harder for him.

    Anyway the lady at the shop said it was disgusting the way witnesses treated their children and I sagely agreed. Behind me was a nicel ong queue of customers who all got a good anti witness to.

    I felt very pleased with myself indeed! It was the most satisfying witness I ever gave.

  • prophecor


  • prophecor

    Really though, It should at the very least, be room and leiniency regarding ones children being disfellowshipped. I feel for you Crumpet because your familly are tied down to the religion.

    Outsiders just don't realise the destructive factors that this religion comes equipped with. It's socially irresponsible, contributes to depression and some, even suicide for being considered worse than dead, with not even a wish, thought, hope or a prayer for ones welfare.

    You did a good thing, Crumpet. Giving a testimony before onlookers, who may have no understanding as to the nature of the beast, that is the WTBTS.

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