Left handed Tiger Woods?

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  • Fatfreek

    (excuse, please, if my attachment doesn't show. The prompts indicate it worked but I can't see anything yet. Fats) What's Tiger up to, shown here in his completed left-handed swing on page 9 of the August issue of Satellite Direct? I say one of the following: He's giving the field a more even chance. He wants to be like Phil. He's at the mercy of some editor who just learned Photoshop's mirror command. Fats

  • Elsewhere

    Maybe the editor had the picture reversed lift-right to accommodate text and other editing needs. I've done this a few times with images.

  • Fatfreek

    Yes, it looks like editors may do this at times, I suppose for a different effect?

    I remember the cover of Tennis back in the mid 80's. The photo showed her at the finish of her famous two handed backhand and the image had obviously been reversed.


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