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  • 5thGeneration

    I heard that there was a memo that Brothers on the platform at the Assemblies/Conventions should no longer wear "just out of bed" hair styles.

    I kinda think Jason Bateman looks cool on Arrested Development!

  • Apathy

    -snerk- 'Just out of bed'? Better than the nasty way the brothers in my congregation slick back their half-bald heads with Turtle Wax/lard. Am unsure as to which of these two products is preferred.

  • talesin
    "just out of bed" hair styles.

    Now that is just too funny.

    Don't they really mean "The just-been-f***ed look is inappropriate for JWs." ???

    I agree about Bateman, I watched his show tonite, and he is looking goooooood.


  • Apathy

    "Don't they really mean 'The just-been-f***ed look is inappropriate for JWs.'"
    Mwahaha. I think that the 'just-been-f***ed look' is rather similar to the neatly-combed look for most Dubs.

  • horrible life
    horrible life

    I just read, that "THEY" said no more bungee junping. Now they are telling the Hairless faced men, with their short hair , how to wear it.

    What about the balding guy, Have they told him that combovers are wrong? What about the dreaded part? Kinda reminds me of a butt crack. What about a man going to a beauty salon, to get the layered look. Will they now ban it, if some little old witness lady thinks he may be gay being in there?

    Why can't people see what they are doing? A religion shouldn't run your life. Sorry, instead of funny, this hit me wrong. I need to go to bed early tonight. HL

  • Evanescence

    lol! a lot of boys at my school have that "just got out of bed" hair style, in fact some of them hasn't brushed their hair for months lol!

    One in particular has the most messed up hair!

    Way to crazy for a religion to tell people how to have their hair, its really a personal choice, its annoyiong enough having my school telling me to tie my hair back! and men are not to have any facial hairs at all! *contol freaks honestly! also STUPID NITS!!!! thats the schools exuse for having our hair tied up, fair enough but still! I wonder if their will be nits on a paradise earth lol*


  • Low-Key Lysmith
    Low-Key Lysmith

    Rediculous. When I was a teenager, I wasn't allowed to "peg" my pantlegs. Anybody remember pegged pants?

  • talesin

    LMAO,,, I am laughing so hard at this thread!!! Pegged pants, we are really talking the 80's now!!!



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