For those wanting to maintain Christianity...

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    I just noticed this link Angarhad posted [Thank you Angarhad!] and found this teaser at the end of the chapter entitled Worship Jesus []

    Once you recognise that
    1. Significant Witness doctrines have changed,

    2. The Watchtower articles are not totally honest,

    3. Even current Witness doctrines aren’t necessarily correct,
    then every Watchtower can be read with an open mind. It is earth shattering to do this. You can hardly begin to comprehend how much that you used to accept as fact that you will now need to start to question.

    I just wanted to post this because I find it even more freeing from the binds the WTS put me in. This is a major part of my personal recovery work; to continue to reprogram myself until I can be healthy. g

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    I recomend "In Search Of Christian Freedom" by Raymond V. Franz to thoese who have left the watchtower and pherhaps are lost in what their beliefs maybe. A good book for everyone but especially thoese wanting to maintain the christian element in their lives. It basically helps to build your independance from a Christian authority structure or organization, and rekindles your personal autonomy in making choices as to what "you" will or will not accept in your belief structure. The key is not to adopt anyones beliefs, nor the ones of the author but rather to strike out on a course of lasting fullfillment in which you can find joy in making sound decisions based on "your" personal judgement and belief rather than on enforced or pressured human doctrine. It helps you to realize that no one can make your choices for you, but rather we all must accept the resposiblity of governing our own lives through careful thought out personal reasoning.


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