Is the UN still an issue with the JW’s?

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  • cyberguy

    Is the UN still an active issue with JW’s? I've mentioned the duplicity to several active JW's (i.e., their becoming "associates" and "partners" as an "NGO") and they're very defensive, regardless of the evidence. Has anyone made any inroads in removing the thick "scales" of unquestioning devotion to the "organization" due to the UN issue? Just curious…

  • thom

    I've brought it up and provided documentation to only two people:
    My business partner, who is an active JW. He read at least some of the information and now avoids any discussion about it at all.
    My exwife, who is df'd but still believes it's "the truth". She was very surprised when I mentioned it and then asked me "Do you have any proof of it?" So a week or so later I provided her a stack of paper of scans and such, organized to make sense and off she went with it. I haven't had a chance to talk to her since then so I don't know what she thinks.
    She's really the one I feel sorry for as she's df'd and still believes. That has to be a miserable condition to be in so I hope that if she can see that it's not "the truth" she might feel a bit better about herself.
    I'd like to bring it up with my father, but Mr. Knowitall doesn't let me finish sentences when we're discussing anything. I can't imagine actually being able to make my point.
    Oh, one other person, a young jw (19) who works for me. He was shocked to hear it, but after a few minutes I could see the blinders going up and we didn't discuss it much further.

  • kwintestal

    Basically what I've heard is, "If the WTS says it's ok, then it must be." The WTS doesn't play by the same set of rules as everyone else. Actually, the WTS doesn't have any rules.


  • Legolas
    Has anyone made any inroads in removing the thick "scales" of unquestioning devotion to the "organization" due to the UN issue?

    Yes I and my family left in June Of this year because of that, well thats what got me doing research, so I will still say 'yes' that's why I/we left.

  • jaffacake

    Can I ask, do they admit the 10 year association or do they deny it? What would the local elders say if asked them?

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