Success at filing suit!

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  • Soledad
  • BrendaCloutier

    Goodonya, and Good Luck!

  • HappyDad

    Good for you! I wish you luck in this.

    As far as I'm concerned.....there hasn't been a grandma looking type of person involved in terrorist attacks. It is a fact.....and I feel for those who resemble .......but only middle eastern looking people have been the culprits so far in the bombings.

    Yeah.......some will bitch and complain, but that's too bad! Look what happened to all the innocent Japanese during WW2 in this country. A lot of indignities with no reason for it! But now it is a different story. It might be called racial profiling, but it's time to quit being politically correct.

    And if any innocent person wants to would they feel if one of their family members were killed in a random act of terrorism?

    Time for the US and Britain to stop being bleeding hearts and letting the so-called downtrodden cross their borders. Ship em back!

    Just my two cents worth!


  • georgefoster

    These same attorneys would file a lawsuit if a someone was racially profiled and searched. So, that's why they randomly search. Now, if you can't profile and search or randomly search, then you have to search everybody or you can't search at all.

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