Bomb police 'need time to rest'

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  • Simon

    How rediculous is this?!?!

    Can't the government get simple staffing right?

    I don't think asking or expecting community support officers to do anti-terrorism duty is wise or sensible and those on duty should not be doing long shifts. Maybe they could get months off like MPs seem to do. The home secretary (Shrek) swaned off for a holiday right after the bombings ... nice to see they prioritise things eh?!

  • the_classicist

    Be glad your transit system has police on it.

    Mine doesn't even have a fare-checking system in place (it's the "honour system"). You can just walk right on to a train without even paying for a ticket. Good luck if you can find a transit cop either, as they're usually just hanging out in the main security offices or talking with the unarmed security guards (which don't do anything except call the police in a bad situation) around the stations.

  • stillajwexelder

    Bring in the SAS , SBS and MAAWC and paratroopersif necessary

  • thom

    ---"Mine doesn't even have a fare-checking system in place (it's the "honour system")."---
    I found it that way in Munich too. But they did come around now and then to check tickets on the trains. If you didn't have one, they told you to go buy one.

  • jgnat

    We don't have fare counters either. The transit guards here don't carry guns either, thank goodness. I consider it a sign that we live in a relatively peaceful and law abiding country.

  • the_classicist

    Our transit cops have guns, but that doesn't mean you can find one when you have to.

    To ride the SkyTrain in Vancouver at night is one of the surest ways to motivate you to learn to drive a car. The fact that there is no fare-checking means that anyone can get on, especially criminals (that's why the local cops call it the CrimeTrain). Add to that druggies and mentally unstable homeless people and one's safety is always at threat.

    The politicians won't do anything either because Canada, as a nation, is apathetic.

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