The Lucipher's Principle.

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  • Daunt

    I have just begun reading this book by Howard K. Bloom and I have to say that just the first few pages are giving me a totally new way to look at things. It's mostly a book about the evolution of human morals and politics and religion but it goes a lot deeper. It concretely explains how we came to be who we are, personality wise, within society all using aspects of evolution to rationally explain itself. I'd suggest this book to everybody I meet.

  • jaffacake

    Thanks Daunt, I may look this one up. I felt the same about a book I read recently which harmosised evolution, world religions, Christianity etc. Its good when a book has such impact - a Eureka moment!

  • tetrapod.sapien

    thanks Daunt. this is right along the lines of a discussion i am having with Big Dog over on another thread. fascinating subject. i am reading Michael Shermer's The Science of Good & Evil right now. it get's into the evolutionary psychology of morals in our history quite nicely too.


  • Daunt

    Thanks for the recommendation. I'd suggest it to anybody and everybody, gave my understanding on things a good jump start, starting to rethink most of my position on things. Very nice subject.

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