WTS Troubles: Cheap computer + increased 'net

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  • doinmypart

    India rolled out a cheap, $225, computer and wants to increase access to the internet. As technology rolls along and more people become accustomed to it, the WTS leaders ring their hands and lose a little more control.

    Oh how I hope this trend continues, having an increasingly greater impact on the WTS.

    India's first low-cost personal computer has been launched in the Tamil Nadu state capital, Madras. Designed by IT firm HCL Infosystems, it is priced at 9,990 rupees ($225) and includes all the basic features required for a first-time user. The computer is expected to increase India's level of computer penetration.


    IT experts have always maintained that low-cost computers will help increase the number of users by a large margin. They also say that internet connectivity will spread across the country, which would be of great advantage to India.


    At present, India has 15 million computers and five million net connections. The government wants to increase the number to 75 million computers and 45 million net connections by 2010.

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  • tetrapod.sapien

    hey doin,

    i must agree. the internet is probably the single largest threat to the society in it's entire history. it's also a threat to dictatorial governments.

    i do wonder something though. how may witnoids get DF'd for online porn compared with how many leave the org based on what they read online regarding the org?

    i know there's no data. but the upshot is that many porn happy ex-JWs may eventually end up here on JWD. welcome!


  • ezekiel3

    India 2004 peak publishers: 25,353

    Source: http://www.watchtower.org/statistics/worldwide_report.htm

    Start tracking the decline.

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