The Mennonites and shunning..JW hypocrisy.

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  • Gill

    Hi All!

    I've been away for a few weeks so forgive me if you've already discussed this article from the Sept 1st 2005 Watchtower, please.

    It's about some Mennonites who became JWs and so were expelled/shunned.

    It reads:

    A few say later, the church elders came to the home of Johann's family with an unltiatum for the interested ones: "We heard that Jehovah's Witnesses visited you. You must forbid them to return, and unless you hand over their literature to be burned, you face expulsion." They had had just one Bible study with the Witnesses, so this presented a formidable test.

    "We cannot do as you ask," replied one of the family heads. "Those people came to teach us the Bible.! How did the elders react? They expelled them for studying the Bible! (More like studying the Bible on the JW slant.)

    This was a cruel blow indeed. The cart belonging to the colony cheese factory passed by the home of one family without collecting their milk, denying them their only source of income. One family head was dismissed from his job. Another was turned away from buying supplies at the colony store, and his ten year old daughter was expelled from school......."

    I just find that the JW criticism of another religion that practices exactly what it itself practices, which is shunning, totally gob smackingly shockingly, hypocritical!

    Any one else suprised at their attitude to the shunning practices of the Menonnites?

  • tijkmo

    yup i noticed that

    noticed but not surprised anymore

    but i will use it with my folks if it comes up

  • Gill

    Hi Tijkmo!

    It amazes me that they would even begin to criticise another religion for doing exactly what they themselves do. After all, apostasy, or looking into the bible with another religion is one of the first reasons for shunning amongst Jehovah's witnesses. Just madness that they would contemplate putting this into one of their mags.

  • tijkmo

    i know gill...but they cant see them they are allowed to do all these kinda things because they are right...anyone else doing the same things is satanic...go figure

    i had an elder call today and i was discussing this article with him

    he hadnt read it

  • GoingGoingGone

    The Amish do the same thing - shunning. There was an ex-Amish guy in my cong. for a while... he was a really nice guy, but when he attended his first meeting at the KH, all the Amish shunned him. He ended up getting baptized as a JW, married a JW girl, and was shunned by his family and the whole Amish community. His parents never saw their grandchildren.

    I remember he would relate these things, and all the witnesses would gasp in shock, shaking their heads at the the way he was treated. It must have been a show, I don't think that people can actually be so blind so as to not see the irony. Can they?

  • tijkmo
    tijkmo folks are learning chinese to speak with chinese students in glasgow..

    recently my mother told me about her study who when she goes back to china will face the ostracism of her family because she is showing an interest in another religion...

    i started to reply ...and thought whats the use

    none so blind as those that cant see

  • Dan-O

    Surprised? No, not at all.

  • Gill

    tijkmo - I wasn't surprised that the elder hadn't read the article either.

    Perhaps the problem is that any real thinking would be very dangerous to a person if they're a JW and that's what causes all the real mental conflict that goes on. However, it also helps to plant those tiny, tiny seeds of doubt that can one day bloom, if the opportunity occurs.

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