JWs and 9/11

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  • Jeannine

    Hi. I am new here. I am not a JW and neither is anyone in my family. However, I married into a JW family. My husband was raised JW, but was never baptised. He has gone to the "hall" a handful of times in the past 15 years and he has attended the Memorial a couple of times in the past 15 years. He is very uncommitted to this religion, questions it constantly, and will never be baptised. Due to his raising, he is very sympathic when JWs come to our door and has developed a loose relationship with one of them (never studied together thanks to my hubby blowing them off all the time). My mother in-law is a 30 year pioneer and completely brainwashed. My two brother in-laws are both elders. Everyone else in hubby's family is either baptised, or a "believer" that hasn't gotten around to baptism yet, except for one relative that was DFed. Hubby's family is cordial to us, but they don't socialize with us wicked people. So, that is my background and this is my only interest in the religion. I was raised Catholic, although I do not practice or believe in it anymore.

    My question is this: What, if anything, did JW's contribute in the aftermath of the 9/11 terror attacks? Thanks to hubby's JW sympathy, I have Watchtowers and Awakes stacked up in my house. I've read through some of them. Besides the typical "there is proof that the end is near", in reference to the type of death and destruction brought on 9/11, I didn't see anything that explained if JW's helped the victims in any way. I did read on the official JW website something about how the JW headquarters in Brooklyn was opened up to people in need of water and a phone on the day of the attacks, but was there any other help offered? To me, giving someone a cup of water or letting them use the phone immediately after they nearly burned to death inside the World Trade Center is not a huge contribution motivated by compassion. Instead, that sort of flimsy help is more of a quick reaction when there are dozens of people banging on the door for help. Even the most mean criminals have stories of how they did a small favor for someone in NY on 9/11. What I want to know is whether JWs were advised by their elders to get involved in organized assistance i.e Red Cross, etc. Did JW's contribute anything financially like so many other religious organizations did? Did JW's give 9/11 the attention it deserved besides writting it off as "proof of the end"? Please answer if you know.

  • Honesty

    They provided spiritual assistance in the form of their apostate WT literature in the weeks following the WTC attacks.

  • stillajwexelder

    THEY contributed almost zero apart from platitudes in the WT about how we need Gods Kingdom. The sad think is a sister in our congregation (wife of an elder) said to me the other day that all the people went into broooklyn bethel after the plane strikes - I assume she meant all those who evacuated Manhattan over the Brooklyn Bridge - that is a pack of lies and bullshit - please excuse my language

  • carla

    How could anyone go into wt buildings, I heard they locked the doors and wouldn't let people in?! true? carla

  • thom

    My grandmother told me the same thing. She said that Bethel was letting people in and caring for them while all the others around them weren't doing anything for people. She was explaining how much MORE the WT did for people than anyone else. She really believes it too.
    She believes what she WANTS to believe.

  • LongHairGal

    There are two stories floating around. One is that they were there helping out afterwards (I don't know in what capacity). The other story is that they were asked to leave and were perceived as a nuisance.

    It depends on who you ask.

  • robhic

    These accounts were written by a former JW who is a NYC fireman or policeman, I'm not sure which, but he actually worked at ground zero where the Trade Center stood. Above the different articles are the web addresses for the entire discussion thread if needed.

    I have been very busy lately but I had to stop for a few and write this.

    It is beyond me why the WTS has the need to not only lie but to keep making stuff up as they go along. The latest being an experience related to the Jw’s at my local hall (a friend of mine who still goes told me). It seems the C.O. was visiting this week and related the following account [The C.O.s name is Jorge Melgoza] :

    “There is a cong. in midtown Manhattan that decided on a Saturday morning that instead of going out to their usual territory they would go down to “Ground Zero”. This being about 3 weeks after the attacks. Well off they went, about 8 of them, to go and preach the good news of the Kingdom to the rescue workers. They paired up and started talking to the workers amongst the rubble.

    The results were amazing. Not only were a total of 131 magazines placed, but so were 39 books. But the best experience was that of a sister who had been praying to Jehovah about not having any Bible studies. It turns out that She just happened to talk to 3 people who live within the territory. Immediately 3 bible classes were started.

    Such was the interest of one of these workers that he insisted on only working part time at the disaster site because he wanted more time to study the scriptures. He went from taking the studies once a week to 5 times in just two weeks. He progressed in knowledge to the point where he was teaching his wife and 2 sons what he was learning. He immediately began going to the meetings and answering at them. So much was his progress that he was allowed to get baptized last week at a circuit assembly!

    Now the sister who did not have a study, now has a “recommendation card” with another 2 on the way! This teaches us how we really need to find those who “lament” of the things that are happening today and how we can’t hold back of preaching under every circumstance.” (Crowd breaks into about 2 minutes of applause)

    How completely ridiculous!!! If ever there was a lie!

    There is NO WAY that these Jdubs could have had access to GZ. NO WAY!! The closest that you could get is to a 5-block perimeter that has been set up since the attacks. Unless you have an official ID..And I mean OFFICIAL you cant get passed the perimeter. And even if you did have the proper ID you still have to let the Commanders in charge know that you are coming. You just can’t show up. Everyone needs to be accounted for, no matter who you are. Not only that..but these guys are WORKING!!

    I guess that the WTBTS desperation is showing. But they Mucked up. They should not be telling a lie about something so close to home where it can be verified.

    To all those in different states and countries please know that all these “experiences” being told to you by the D.Os and C.O.s from GZ are absolute lies.

    Then again that’s the WT way.

    Starting tomorrow the only way to have access to the viewing platforms that were built in order to let visitors have a "closer" look at the ruins at GZ is by obtaining a "pass" being handed out every day early in the morning.

    This to accomadate the large crowds and demands to view the ruins.

    If you dont get a pass to be able to go up the 13ft.platform which can accomadate about 400 people at a time, then you have to view the ruins from the perimeter established.

    I wanted to post this info. in order to keep showing everyone that the WT boasts of having Jws walking "around the debris" talking to others about the "truth" is a LIE.

    As you can see the CLOSEST that you can get is ONLY through one of the viewing platforms-and now only with a pass.

    NY Times photographer arrested at ground zero

    By Associated Press

    "NEW YORK, Jan. 12 – A photographer from The New York Times was arrested at ground zero and charged with criminal trespass, police said.

    Edward Keating was arrested Friday evening. Police said he was in the north pit and was seen taking photographs of rescue workers removing victim remains.

    Keating had no prior approval to be in the area, and his press card had expired, said Michael O'Looney, deputy commissioner of public information for the NYPD.

    The photographer also had a pass that allowed only legitimate workers to be in the area, and authorities were investigating how he got it, O'Looney said.

    Times spokeswoman Catherine Mathis said the matter was being looked into. She said Keating had been at ground zero on prior occasions.

    Keating was given a desk-appearance ticket and released, police said."

    I wanted to post this to keep proving my point of how NO ONE IS ALLOWED INTO GZ!! So please do not believe the experiences going around of Jws preaching to the workers on the debris field.

  • LongHairGal

    The reason I am inclined not to believe them is that I know of somebody who drove to the site with his son to deliver EMT related equipment and water. When he was done distributing his cargo he was ORDERED to leave immediately! He was glad to do so as it was hard to breathe and he was coughing up that horrible dust all day.

    So, if they told him to scram (and he had legitimate business being there), why am I to believe that a bunch of clueless charlies was allowed to traipse around (in an unhealthy and possibly dangerous situation) giving out tracts and tapping people on the shoulder to talk? I mean, can't you just imagine the ridiculousness of the scene if this were so? Those workers were traumatized and stressed-out, to say the least. I am sure somebody would have seriously lost their temper at them!

  • Quotes

    A post elsewhere here on JWD was from a (former) Bethelite who was "inside" at the time.

    He said in his post that the gates were closed and locked, because there were so many people walking over the Brooklyn bridge, and they didn't want "people just wandering into the building". An announcement encouraged everyone to continue working (i.e. Don't let this affect productivity!!!! This is a business!!!!)

    An article on the Witch Power web site shortly after 9/11 quoted two people who had just escaped the towers, and had found there way into Bethel 'for safety' and were given water, etc. Interestingly, the religious affiliation of these two are never mentioned.

    I have my own theory: the Dubs did let a small handful of people seek refuge within their ivory towers -- and every single one of those few people were themselves also Dubs that buzzed the intercom and begged to be let in to use the bathroom and promised they were a 'Dub in good standing' and could prove same by identifying their C.O. or mentioning the name of someone in their cong. who was also a bethelite and could vouch for them.

    If you read the WTS's article and assume that the victims seeking refuge in Tower Town are Dubs, it all makes sense.

    ~Quotes, of the "First on the scene with plane loads of supplies" class

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