Can You Still Find JW's On School Reunion Boards?

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  • Englishman

    A couple of years back, I checked out every JW and ex-JW I remembered to see if they were posting here, the biggest and best known school reunion site in the UK:

    I found about 8 or 9 from all over the country who would be of a similar age to me. Now the strangest thing has happened. Every person who posted their details and is still a JW has left Friends Reunited. The only ones left are the ex's. Now I haven't contacted any of the still practising dubs, so it's not me thats frightend them off. Also, few of the practising dubs that I knew were known to the other ex's, so it can't be them that's caused a problem that's resulted in the dubs leaving.

    So why would half a dozen or so practising dubs, pretty well unknown to each other, all leave a school reunion board that's virtually free of charge unless you pay to contact people?

    Has there been a KM prohibiting the use of such boards?

    Or something else?


  • Ellie

    I've just found some still practising witnesses on Friends Reunited

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Englishman -

    I know the org is against school-reunions, at least as practiced in the US. Here the typical class-reunion is held at intervals of 10,20,35 years ect. The Watchtower has made several comments discouraging witnesses from attending these functions, due to the 'worldly atmostphere'. I have not ever seen any prohibition against posting to classmate web-sites though. Some witnesses might have taken the same stance on that as reunions.


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