Whatever happened to Watchtower Lynette?

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  • sammielee24

    Do any of you recall Lynette from the Watchtower - the only example that they ever used of someone who was df'd and claimed it was a good thing? Did this girl stay in the truth or did she fall out later?

  • loosie

    I know a Lynette that got df'd and was studying again with a pioneer sister to come back and did get reinstated. But no one reffered to her as watchtower Lynetter.

  • kls

    Sorry Sammie, i am having trouble remembering her but maybe someone here with a memory will.

  • ezekiel3

    *** w88 4/15 p. 26 Discipline That Can Yield Peaceable Fruit ***

    "Cutting ourselves off completely from all association with [my disfellowshipped sister] Margaret tested our loyalty to Jehovah’s arrangement. It gave our family opportunity to show that we really believe that Jehovah’s way is best."—Lynette.

    The entire article is posted in the official JW site currently: http://www.watchtower.org/library/w/1988/4/15/article_01.htm

    I don't believe "Lynette" or "Margaret" are actual names anyway. Mark this one up to propaganda.

    And if you want to see this organization talk out of both sides of its mouth, see this link decrying Mennonite disfellowshipping.

    Expelled for studying the Bible with JW's!

  • loveis

    Actually, Ezekiel3, no, they are real names.

    The Lynette quoted here is Lynette Sigg, from Australia. Her life story appeared shortly before this quote, in Awake of August 22, 1987, under the name "Sacrifices Bring Rich Rewards." The matters related to the disfellowshipping and reinstatement of her sister Margaret are detailed under the subheading therein, "A Sorrow Worse Than Death."

    Unless I'm mistaken, if a name is given for a first-person account, it is always the person's true name.

  • why144000

    I know Margaret very well, she did get reinstated however she is now inactive. I spoke to her about the article and she agrees she probably said those things however none of her family are 'in the truth' now. She is a wonderful person and sadly, her father died in the last week. She is away at the funeral at the moment. Her father was a faithful witness till his death and never judged her for her actions.

  • sammielee24

    Thanks...I thought I heard that she was out now but I wasn't certain. Of course, the WT still likely uses the story to prove it's point of how 'good' disfellowshipping can be for us.....

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