The secret device in the little girl picture thread.

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  • prologos

    In the 3 images of the "little girl" threat in the basement, there is briefly shown a device at the leader's feet. 

    my other guess is: : --" Achan or Saphira" detector, to find hidden treasures, secretely  pocketed to carry into the new system, or

    Apostate sniffer?

  • jw07
  • prologos

    jw07, did you see the device on the floor, at the leaders feet,? of course it is probably just a typical man's tool,  projects, kicking around on the normal basement floor. It is only in one of the three pictures. one of the takes, or photoshop variations, but,

    You can not take these wt thing seriously, so in the spirit of Jehovah's Trumpet or -flute, I proposed that this device could be the WT enigma machine, an Achan or Saphira detector to miraculously unmask the unworthy in that hideous hideout.

    Anything to bring a smile to the depressed souls down below. Humour all the way.  

  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    in the spoof pic it' looked like a shotgun to me.

    in the original there is nothing.

  • Vidiot

    It's an E-meter.

  • sir82

    So, if I understand correctly, you're getting all het up & hot & bothered because of an image that someone photoshopped onto an image that originated in a Watchtower machine? And which image isn't photoshopped in all the copies of that Watchtower image on this website? Which points to some sort of conspiracy?

    Well alrighty then. Carry on.

  • prologos
    Sir, just pointing out to not take it all too seriously. There was optimistic humour even in real bomb shelters, I was nearly there. (Febr. 3, 1945) It was because of optimism that scaring people did not work, and these pictures will work for wt only if optimistic humour is lost. wt is scare bombing,-- humour is our protection. 

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