Site Update: Feb 4, 2015

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  • Simon

    I have found the issue with the user post-counts being incorrect and the update to put them right is running right now. It's upto people who joined about 5 years ago so if you're more recent than that just give it a while before checking again.

    I've made a few tweaks to the CSS to fix some issues with IE which caused the side-bar to be pushed down under the main content instead of alongside it and also the reply counters didn't have any color to indicate the busiest topics.

    The snippet / topic preview options should now be a little neater and clearer.

    Other than that, most of the changes have been backend stuff around optimization so nothing really to see but it should pave the way for feedback on the post like / dislike voting and other goodies.

  • cofty

    Yes post count is back up to normal again.


  • Snoozy
    Wow ..just looked to see if this site still exists and so many changes..I don't like So is Mouthy (Grace) still with us? Was thinking about her the other day.
  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    Snoozy: "So is Mouthy (Grace) still with us? Was thinking about her the other day."

    Yes, she posts from time to time.

  • FlyingHighNow

    Thank you for all of your dedication and hard work, Simon. I hope people will come back and the forum will get busier.

  • Simon

    Actually, the site is doing great and is already busy and attracting more visitors - it's ranking ~55k in Alexa (US) and the 7 day average is about ~80k (worldwide). The site has handled ~2 million page views since the switch-over so has worked at least that many times, LOL

    I still have a few compatibility issues to iron out that may affect some people signing in and posting but will be adding social sign-in soon which will should help them and also allow instant and immediate sign-up for new users (which we've also had plenty of).

    There are lots of improvements still to come to the software but more importantly, the community is thriving - there have been great and genuine discussions and not the crappy "post random words" that some sites use to fake traffic.

    We're doing fine despite some idiot (who will remain nameless) forgetting to remove the NOINDEX tag from the templates that would cause a drop in traffic 

  • wizzstick


    Really enjoying the changes - it feels like the site has got much stronger look and feel now.

    One query. Could you change the posting time to an actual time and date? Rather than hours, days, weeks or years ago?

    Seems simpler in my head that way.

    Does that make sense?

  • Simon

    I hope to make it an option how it displays - I think some prefer the relative times and others the absolute, it depends on how your mind works. We should be able to support either.

    If you hover the mouse over the relative times it should give you the absolute time (it may be in UTC - I cn't remember if I set it to localize or not)

    EDIT: duh, yes its localized - didn't think to actually mouseover one to check!

  • wizzstick

    Thanks Simon.

    Hadn't tried hovering the mouse over it. That does help.


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