Some "classic" Friend on blood

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  • Pathofthorns

    All I can say, is this guy is really good. lol

    The question becomes, did they apply that prohibition against accepting donated blood to save life? Let me ask you a question. Did early Christians accept Jesus’ donation of blood in their behalf? Did Jesus admonish that we give our blood in behalf of our friends? Think about that last question very carefully.


    Presently, anyone amongst JWs that persists in outspokenly voicing individual disagreement with the WTS blood policy is considered apostate and shunned, whether they personally are willing to accept “illegal” blood components or not.


    I can only feel sorry for the elders on his judicial committee..


  • RedhorseWoman

    LOL I agree. Friend would keep interrupting the proceedings with comments on their "circular reasoning" and ask them to substantiate EVERY phrase. By the time he finished with them, they would be begging HIM for mercy.

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