Relief Efforts for Typhoon in Manila (Philippines)

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  • StephaneLaliberte

    I find articles like this (click very frustrating to read. When I read reports on how charity was delivered, I am expecting to read numbers that will give me an idea of how money was used for such relief. Unfortunately, the information provided is simply not enough to provide any ball park idea of what was actually spent.

    The report states that almost 750 homes were repaired or rebuilt.  Or”? Really? Obviously, more efforts are needed to rebuild a house rather than simply repair it. How can we make an estimate of time based on this? Let’s use an example here: You are asked to know if you have enough water to fill a pool with 750 bottles of water and “5 Gallon” containers. It doesn’t make sense. The actual quantity could be anywhere between 580 to 14,214 liters!

    So, let’s go with the worst possible scenario and claim that ALL 750 had to be rebuild. With a 5 days per 5 volunteers (as stated in the report), we can conclude that it would take a team of 16 volunteers to do the work in one year. Provided that they worked 5 days per week and had 4 weeks’ vacation!

    So what about the 612 volunteers mentioned in the article? Obviously most of these worked for short periods of time and very for the entire length of the project.

    As the article admits, most of the work was done by locales while 90 Witnesses from other countries also assisted. What did they do? How long did they stay? We don’t know.

    With so little information, we may come to this pessimist conclusion:

    A small amount of funds was indeed made available to the witnesses when the disaster occurred. However, most of the work and resources reported in the article has in fact been provided for by the 190 000 publishers in the Philippines. This conclusion is based on the fact that not all of the Philippinos live in poverty.

    With this in mind, it would not be surprising to hear that all the donations spent on this disaster had in fact been covered by local donations within the year in their respective “World Wide Work” contribution box.

    You think this conclusion is unfair? The simplest way to rebut this is to provide clear numbers: How much money did the Watchtower

    1)      provide for the relief effort?

    2)      receive in donations from the Philippines in the last 10 years?

    3)      spent in their preaching work in the last 10 years?

    Why should we care?

    Articles as this one remind to the reader that donation are also used for charity. As a result, this article links to a FAQ article named “How is the Work of Jehovah’s Witnesses Financed? In the third paragraph, the reader will notice that the first example of expense covered by the donation is “relieve victims of natural disasters”. Does the order of that list represent the order of priority for the expenses?

  • prologos
    The poorest of the poor "publisher"  had not yet received help to have their roof  repaired,- even ~ 6 month ago, according to one reliable report. 
  • ToesUp

    ecan6...Great question. Unfortunately the Society/Branch/Organization is much to busy supplying the flock with more important matters such as entertainment for the delegates for International Assemblies, showing up for Zone visit talks regarding tight pants, spanx and Brothers who can't quite achieve the 23 year old MS mark. Oh...I forgot..bright socks too! Oh...I'm not done yet...Making a new Bible, creating a JW Broadcasting website and supplying the flock with a new video regarding how Higher Education is EVIL and new cutesy songs about the literature carts. Our new resort and fitness club in Walkill. Buying luxury apartments and motels. Designing new Kingdom Halls. Emptying the bank accounts of congregations. Making Billions selling properties in NY. Shall I go on? If I continued I would be on here all day.

    You see...they have more important things to worry about than those pesky issues in the Philippines. 

    Those statistics are nice but no one will ever see them. Next time you go to an assembly ask to see the accounts for the day. Do they match up with "deficit" they announce? That is why they will never share the statistics with the rank in file.  It's a shell game and as long as everyone continues to donate, it will continue!  Vote with your wallet!!!


    Cults don't practice transparency. There is a good reason for that. Hopefully their charitable status will be threatened and they will be forced to reveal details. 

  • StarTrekAngel
    Few years ago (I believe it was tropical storm Allison 2001) there was mass flooding in the coastal Texas areas, near Houston and Galveston. I'm in South Texas and we were asked (official letter) to look at ways in which we could contribute to the disaster relief for our brothers. Many from my cong volunteered to go work repairing houses of brothers. Those of us who stayed behind were asked to make any type of contributions we could and a special relief fund was setup up. Others could opt to donate goods rather than money. They were asking for refrigerators, kitchen appliances, bedding and the like. Everything had to be new (not used or preowned), so the branch said that rather than us buying an appliance and shipping it over to them, the branch gave us a list of needed appliances. As a study group we could pick one and make a donation towards it. The society then "would use our fund to acquire the selected appliance". As you can see, it does not seem like the WTBTS used any of their own funds on this relief effort. Everything came from new donations made by the friends.
  • StephaneLaliberte

    StarTrekAngel, this is quite interesting. Is there anyone else who has heard of a "Special Relief Fund" set up on the fly for a specific disaster?

  • StarTrekAngel
    This was the only time we had this happened close to us. Everyone in the cong knew about it. But I am sure most won't remember if you asked.
  • cappytan

    I can confirm StarTrekAngel's assessment. 

    I was in the same area at the time, and our congregation received the same letter.

    Later, where I currently live, the same letter came during Katrina and then later, Ike.

  • joe134cd
    And to top it all off after the repair work was done in the U.S disaster areas they (in not so many words) were turning around and guiltily the home owner to turn over the insurance check. I'm not here  saying that the home owner should of expected the work for free, but I also think  that unless Wt was going to help the poorest of poor who really could not afford the work, then Wt should of never got involved
  • prologos
    The poor of the poor (Jesus said: "you will have them always with you", always= in the Panda Paradise too?) , -- here, and certainly in the Philippines,  have no insurance. so that explains why some those poor do not have their new roofs yet. 

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