What has come out of loss with the Mezza family.

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    The Mezza Family deaths prompts the audit of DSS and hopefully change.


    Deaths Of Three Rock Hill Children Prompts Audit Of DSS

    POSTED: 6:58 am EDT April 28, 2005

    ROCK HILL, S.C. -- The deaths of three children in Rock Hill at the hands of at least one of their parents have prompted an audit of the Department of Social Services.

    The board that runs the state Legislative Audit Council voted Wednesday to review how DSS handles child abuse and neglect cases, internal investigations and disciplinary actions.

    DSS was investigating the Meza family last August when the mother, father and three children died. Authorities say the children were drugged and their throats slit by either their mother, father or both parents.

    Their York County home was set on fire and the parents then died in the blaze, deputies said.

    The father, Jose Denis Meza, had been accused of molesting his 14-year-old daughter and an autopsy found she also had been sexually abused within hours of her death, authorities said.

    The lawmaker who called for the audit, Rep. Gary Simrill, R-Rock Hill, said the audit is fantastic news because it should not only uncover what flaws DSS had in the Meza case but could save other children.

    An internal investigation by DSS led to suspensions for two supervisors and a reprimand of a care worker because they did not ensure interpreters were used with the Meza family, who came to the U.S. from Nicaragua

    The employees also were cited for not conducting required home visits and not interviewing family members.

    DSS has refused to discuss other aspects of its investigation, citing confidentiality of its records.

    But the Legislative Audit Council has legal authority to look at previously confidential records, said George Schroeder, audit council director.

    One thing the council does not plan to review is the agency's finances. DSS Director Kim Aydlette has said previously that the problems in the Meza case did not arise from lack of money.

    But Sen. Linda Short, D-Chester, said the legislature has repeatedly cut DSS funding in recent years.

    "In defense of DSS, we have cut them so much I have said publicly I feared that a child would die, Short said.

  • kls

    OMG, i didn't hear about that . How sick and horrible

  • blondie

    Here is a search that takes you to articles on the original event.

    Go to Google and put in



    hit enter


  • jula71

    Here's something that puts in perspective how loving the "Organization" is:


    To quote from the article posted above:

    A national spokesman for the Jehovah's Witnesses organization said that Meza "confessed" to church officials about sexually abusing his little girl.

    According to some of the vigil participants there were no Jehovah's Witnesses present at the memorial service. "It's been very hard for our family to have coped with these deaths. ... I still do not know why their church was not here grieving here with us tonight," said Ariel Zeledon, Marbely Meza's brother.

    Pretty telling.........

  • Xandria

    Hey Folks,

    It may be a good idea to draft a letter to: Representative J. Gary Simrill District 46 - York Co.Contact Address: 1515 Alexander Rd., Rock Hill, 29732 or Post Office Box 11867 Columbia, S.C. 29211-1867

    In this letter I would explain briefly and to the point, what role "religion" had in making this family vulnerable to the father?s headship, to not seek help from ?outside? sources due to bringing reproach upon Jehovah?s Name, etc. I know that Ariel (Brother to Marbely) would want something positive to come out of this horrible loss. I also know that Janet (the only surviving child of Marbely?s) would also wish to see something positive come from losing her mother and siblings. An amendment to DSS?s procedures would be a start, as well as training them in regards to how to deal with things of this nature. To prevent this from happening in the future. Accountability and responsibility.

    There was not enough intervention; I spoke to many of friends and teachers of Denia. Who did not know something was wrong. Had Denia been able to speak with out fear of reproach, I feel she would be alive today. The teachers would have enacted.

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