Big $ Drug Lords Putting Mom & Pop Meth-makers Out of Business

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  • SixofNine

    I found this on another discussion board:

    Hi. My name is Zuni. You may remember me as Inspector Kamenev on CSI: Uzbekistan. I am here to talk about a major problem facing America today: Mom and Pop meth labs being put out of business at an alarming rate by big money international drug syndicates.

    It wasn't that long ago when any hillbilly could go to the local drug store, hardware store and HAZMAT storage site in small town America and pick up the ingrediants for some good old fashioned crystal. It was as normal as mowing your lawn or taking the kids to Little League. In virtually every shed in the Ozarks, a family run meth lab was pumping out pounds and pounds of primo crank.

    Nowadays, as snorting, smoking and injecting ice has become more popular around the world, the international cartels have been dipping their greedy fingers into once what was predominantly a small, family owned industry. These small time meth cookers can't compete with the resources available to the cartels, who have more resources and money than most countries. For example, the big $$$ can buy the chemicals used in speed manufacture in bulk, they can control their own distribution networks (which is something a few glue sniffing hillbillies could never do!) and enforce on the streets of America's major cities and even in America's heartland.

    How does this affect you? For one, the quality. Meth labs used to crank out (pun intended! ) hi quality product and by delivering it right to the junkie, they cut down on cost. A junky and his supplier knew each other intimately, and often spent the afternoon sharing IV drug kits while getting ripped on high grade methamphetamine. Now, that personal relationship is gone. Often, the user has to go into the worst parts of the inner city and go to a Police monitored corner to buy a small plastic bag from a swarthy gentleman of unknown origin, with virtually no person to person contact. And the quality!! That is down too. Back in the day, when you bought a bag of crystal, you could see it being taken right from the cooker and put in the bag! Nowadays you are lucky if you get even a little brain numbing toxins mixed in with baking soda or dishwasher soap!

    The cartels often employ minors in large scale crank labs in 3rd world countries, often without proper breathing apparatus which often causes severe brain damage to those exposed to the chemicals that make good crystal. That means hardworking american meth lab techs (often Union members) are among the most vulnerable specialist jobs in todays economy! These large scale drug cartels are more anti-union than your local Wal-Mart!

    Buy locally made crystal! Not only will you get far more blitzed, you wilol be keeping your fellow Americans employed.

    Thank you for your time

    National Meth Lab Tech Union 734 Representative

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    check your PM six

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    ROFL! He talks about it if it were cheeseb

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    LMAO...that's funny!!!

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    The end can't be far away.


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    He makes a good point... Guess I'll switch back to the locals...


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