Apostolic Succession?

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  • Blueblades

    Has an unbroken line of successors been traced from Peter to modern -- day popes?

    The Watchtower Society answers NO!

    Yet they themselves say that an unbroken line of the Faithful and Discreect slave has always existed.From the time of Jesus to Charles t. Russell, there is a gap not explained or proven by the Society. Yet they outright discard the Apostolic Succession claimed by the Catholic Church.

    Doesn't what they say about the church apply to themselves?


  • TheListener

    I agree with you blueblades.

    In fact I've discussed this with other witnesses (when I was still in - well you know before starting to fade). We were talking about how Catholics are so silly to believe that the popes are an unbroken line from Peter to now. We talked about how bad so many of the popes were and all the evil that they did or condoned. Yes, I know dubs can be very self righteous and I was no exception. Talking about the evil in another religion was commonplace in the congregations I attended.

    However, as we were talking he said he was glad that we didn't believe anything crazy like that. I said yea we have the FDS to give us food and they're a body not just one person. That is soooo much better. Then he asked a question about faithful servants of Jehovah through history even though they weren't named JWs. I just looked at him with a funny look and said "Yea, I guess the Catholic church is wrong - it's us who go all the way back to the apostles." We both looked at each other a little funny - a look that said I don't understand what just happened to our nice conversation - and changed the subject.

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