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  • cappytan

    Just an FYI, Simon.

    I use an iPhone 6 for mobile access, Safari, obviously.

    It seems the padding or margin (left and right) for the navbar items is at 0px on the mobile view. The logo and "hamburger" icon for menu items is right smack up against the viewport.

    If this is intentional, then nevermind. If this is not what was intended, I'll include a screenshot (if I can) to show the layout I'm talking about.

  • cappytan

    Here is my attempt at a screenshot post from my phone. 

    Edit: It worked!

  • Simon

    Thanks, I noticed that myself this morning - it's the fix I put in to solve an IE issue where it was putting a margin where it shouldn't be. It obviously needs to be a bit more focused. Stupid IE, why does it always do thing different to all the other browsers?!? I wonder if the new Spartan replacement will be any better? We live in hope ...

    I still have plans for a more radical revamp for mobile use to make better use of space - the title fonts will be a bit smaller and instead of the avatar / title / replies being in columns they will be in a row with the avatar smaller and title going right across. Ha, I should really do a picture instead of trying to describe it.

    Bottom line is it will be optimized for mobile, not just usable.

  • cappytan

    Yeah, it is usable. :) Glad for that. Huge improvement over previous layout (even though I was just a lurker back then.)

    I'm sure this takes a bunch of your time. I'm a HTML5/CSS3/PHP "expert", and if you ever need another pair of eyes, let me know.

    I say "expert" with quotes, because I am an expert, but it feels weird to refer to myself as such.

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