My prayers heard?

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  • snbdye2000

    Hi all,

    Quick question. I think I read somewhere that JW's believe that prayers said by anyone not babtized a JW are not heard by God? Is this true? I asked my husband if he ever leads the prayer when he has his "book study" with a JW and he said no. I told him I think it's because they believe this. He told me I was nuts.....maybe I am but I thought I read that somewhere. Could you enlighten me? Thanks!

  • prophecor
  • EvilForce

    Unbaptised ones are not qualified to pray for others, so therefore someone else who is baptised will lead. Assuming there is a baptised male present, otherwise a baptised woman can lead the prayer if she is wearing a headcovering.

  • peacefulpete

    Well yes and no. Officially they say that only prayers of someone who is a JW and asks in the right formula (to Jah thru Jesus etc) are heard yet they have often said that he hears prayers of nonJWs who desire to become JWs citing examples of people who said they had prayed for help and the JWs showed up at the door.

  • Evanescence

    Anyone can pray to god/jehovah God loves to hear from us.

    Whether we feel it to be so or not, god does hear our prayers.

    When praying You muat Pray without ceasing (1 thessalonians 5:17)

    Pray with faith and honesty and pray with your heart.

    Thats the requirements nothing more


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