Watchtower miscalculation -again

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  • observer

    I'm not sure if this has been presented here before, but this is link to some ewatchmanlike site

    It comments Watchtower's current teaching about Daniel's "2625 days" and it's miscalculation when it claims that the 2625 days lasted from "January 25 1919 to May 1926". If you count forward those days from 25 Jan 1919, 2625 days will take you only April 1926, not May.

  • jula71

    What I like is how they pick and choose when to apply the day for a year rule......I'm waiting for the new last days....starting in.......Jan. 4544

    (1919 + 2625) but I may not be around............

  • TheListener

    I'm saving that picking and choosing how to apply a day for a year rule for a discussion with my wife!! That fact alone is enough to make someone think!!! But, tie that in with all the other information? BAM!!!!

    yeah you're right nothing will probably happen. There is no such thing as a dub going BAM!!!! unless it's followed by their going to jail.

  • Honesty

    Are you surprised? The WTBTS has been wrong about every one of their predictions.

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