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  • lilbit

    I know we have several resident wiccans here and Im hoping for some help. I need a protection spell for my daughter. I have been having nightmares about someone stalking her for awhile now and I think better safe than sorry. The only spells ive ever done before are house cleansings but if I had some help Im sure I could manage a simple one for my daughter.

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  • mouthy

    Only advice for me Is Prayer to Jesus to protect her. But first invite him into YOUR heart

  • adelmaal

    (((HUGS))) I hope all remains well with your daughter...

    Don't know if the following website helps. How old is your daughter? Have you spoken with her about this? Have you tried to analyze your dream to find out what it might be telling you? Maybe you could sign your daughter up for self-defense and safety classes and speak to her about strangers, etc.? Just some thoughts. I'm not Wiccan so prayer and actions are what I would suggest. If not, below is a site with Protection Spells:

    Here is another having to do with Protection Charms:

  • AlmostAtheist

    Hey Lilbit,

    You might try this one again with a more specific subject like "Wiccans please -- I need help with a protection spell for my daughter".

    Not everybody reads the "help please" ones, and not many are Wiccans, so you've got a pretty small set of folks you can reasonably hope to catch.

    Good luck!


  • cruzanheart

    bttt -- I know we have posters who can help. Sirona? Arrowstar? There's another poster who was doing a special candle for Arrowstar when she was having money trouble, but I can't remember her name (sorry!).

    I'm sorry you're so worried about your daughter's safety. I hope and pray your fears are unfounded and that she will be safe and protected always.



  • mkr32208

    Yeah try this site...

    Or maybe if someone really IS stalking your daughter you should get off your @$$ and call the police... No wait casting bull$hit spells is better or maybe pray and see if Jebus will help you... DUH

  • lilbit

    My daughter is only 3 so I dont believe she is actually being stalked. But my weird mommy senses are telling me something is going on thats why I was looking for help with a spell. Thanks for the links to the wicca sites.

  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    Do your very best in caring for her. That's the best way to protect her. Don't leave her in anyone else's care, if you're so afraid.


  • Sirona


    I am wiccan. You need to know that even though "workings" (I shy away from the word spell LOL) are effective, the best protection is your continued focus on first of all prayer for your daughter and second of all, being positive about her welfare. "See" her in your minds eye- protected and happy. This reinforces the positive energy around her. Worrying about her and imagining her being harmed doesn't help.

    The best workings are done by those emotionally involved (depending upon circumstances of course). So I can PM you with a suggestion for protection for your daughter that YOU can do. Remember, being wiccan doesn't mean you're naturally "good" at spells for others! I've found that group workings are most effective, due to collective focus, but emotionally charged ones for yourself are certainly up there !


    PS. let me know if you will carry out the working for your daughter and I will PM

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